36-yr Old Woman, Seeks Prayers, Says She Is In Love With Her Younger brother



Suzanne Abidjat, born in Douala on July 18, 1986; has openly admitted being on love with her younger brother.

This is her confession;  “Here I am 36. I think the good Lord has forgotten me, sadly, because I celebrated my 36 years of life last month, and still without a husband.

“I didn’t have the grace to go to school so let’s say I’m an illiterate, but is this my illiterate status the problem? I don’t think so because I have friends who are illiterates like me and are still married.

” I was still with my uncle at this time of my life, He was the one who brought me up since I was little, I didn’t know my own parents. I am with my little brother Samuel Abiyaté and uncle, Séverin Abiyaté.

“My worry, for 1 year now I’ve felt something for Samuel and that feeling doesn’t pass away, I really love him. I don’t even know what’s happening to me, I can’t seem to feel anything for another person, because my feelings are too intense for him.

” I love his personality, love his body, the way he is. Samuel is still in school, he’s still a student, he’s got to finish in maybe two years. I’ve never dared to confess my love to him, what I feel, knowing that it’s not healthy. I get the feeling in his eyes that he loves me too.

“Please pray for me, I want to have a husband who will love me for life instead of falling in love with my little brother Samuel. Yes what I want right now is the extinguishing of this feeling in me.”


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