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World Children Day: They Are Gifts From God, Assets Families, Society, Nation – Global Peace Foundation

Revd Joseph John Hayab


As the world celebrates World’s  Children’s day on  November 20,  the Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, has urged all to celebrate with action, not just lip service.
The Country Director,  Rev John Joseph Hayab expressed this in a statement he personally signed and made available to newsmen on Sunday November 22.
“We are appealing to everyone to celebrate with concrete action not with  words only,” he said.

He explained that children are a gift from God and they are assets to every family, society, Nation and the world at large.

“The development and future of every nation is connected to her children and youths since they are the future leaders of tomorrow.
“The Global Peace Foundation Nigeria therefore wishes to appeal to Government at all levels, parents and every Nigerian to take the issues of Child’s protection seriously,” he appealed.
He stressed that the desire to see a better future for NIgeria cannot be actualised without prioritising protection of children.
“Wille must treat and care for those who will be our future leaders.Children who have ever  suffered any form of  violence  and  abuse find it difficult to be free in the society and can not freely and effectively   displayed their God’s given potentials,” he added.
Hayab therefore, charged political leaders to take a strong action against those who abuse children.
“We should have strong laws that punish those violet Children or abuse them in any form,” he advised.
The Country Director also called on  religious leaders to preach against VAC and any form of abuse against this special group  of people.
“The general public too must not keep quiet. Everyone should be seen and heard conderming violence against Children because that is our sure way of preparing a good future for our country and our world,” he concluded.  



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