Arewa Group Frowns Over Alleged Killing Of Northerners In Rivers State


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

Arewa youth under the auspices of Concerned Northern Forum (CNF), has expressed great concern over the alleged magnitude of loss of lives and destruction of property of Northerners in Rivers State.

The youth noted that they are so pained about the loss of lives of their brothers and their property in Rivers State, saying that their patience is being overstretched.
The Arewa youth in a press statement through their spokesman, Kabiru Yusuf, said, “We can no longer sit and watch this act of man’s inhumanity against man to thrive any longer in Rivers State or any part of the country. We want to assure Mr Wike that we can match or even surpass him in this game of cruelty.”
The youth observed that under Governor Wike’s watch as the Chief security officer of Rivers State, some unpatriotic youth and miscreants from that state have been under instructions from no one else but Chief Security Officer himself (Wike) to attack Northerners and everything that comes from the north, adding, “There have been several calls to call tyrant Wike to order but all seem to have fallen on deaf ears.”
The group observed that the peace and unity Nigerians enjoy is at it very fragile state with all efforts in place to see to it that the plans of the agents of disunity never see the light of the day, adding, “While these efforts are in place, it breaks our heart to state that, some supposed leaders of this country, in the form of Nyesom Wike  are working round the clock to see that this peace initiatives in place, never come to fruition, only as a result of his unrivalled hatred for the North and her people.”
The group explained that they are aware of Mr Wike’s plan to run for the highest office in the land (President), stressing that they would put all their arsenals in place to ensure his plans are dead even before they are even conceived. 
For governor Wike to be seen as a potential person for any higher elective position in the country, they said that he should accept responsibilities for the mayhem caused in his state, especially to people from the north and also tender an unreserved apology to the North.
Governor Wike should address a world press conference, stating his actual position on this matter and proving to the world beyond reasonable doubts that henceforth, protection of lives and properties of northerners are a matter of top priority. 

He (governor Wike) should compensate families of all deceased persons during the crisis, just like he did with the families of men of the Nigerian Police force that lost their lives during the crisis period.

All destroyed properties belonging to northerners be adequately paid for, assuring that failure to do would attractphysical attack on the person of Mr. Wike anywhere around Abuja or the North whenever he comes around.

The Arewa youth promised to carry out reprisal attacks on people and indigenes of Rivers state anywhere around the 19 northern states.
They also promised to carry out physical attacks on any Rivers State properties around the north, this includes Rivers house in Abuja, Rivers Governor’s lodge in abuja, among others.
They assured, “We shall be bent on putting dents on his political ambition by any means possible.”
The Arewa youth observed that these should not be seen as mere lips threat, saying that they shall carry out to the latter every single words stated here, but sue for peace if only Mr Wike will have the honor of doing the needful, else no one should blame them for their actions when it so happened.


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