Fuel Price, Electricity Tarrif Hike Are Increasingly Unaffordable For Nigerian Masses, SPN Tells FG


*demands  reversal 

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) on Monday rejected the recent increase in petrol price from N162 to N170 per litre by the Federal Government
The party  in a statement signed by its Acting National Chairperson, Comrade Abiodun Bamigboye and National Secretary of State, Comrade  Chinedu   Bosah  demanded immediate reversal of the price  to the old  price old price of  N87 per litre
SPN while  emphasizing  that the  latest hike “is the third petrol price hike in five months, also condemn the electricity tariff hike by over 100%, 
“These hikes are increasingly unaffordable and rising living conditions are unbearable for the vast majority. We call on the working people and youth to resist these attacks which are bound to continue unabatedly as long as capitalist neo-liberal policies are implemented.”, it said
Demanding “a reversal of petrol price to N87 per litre, electricity tariff to N13 kWh and an end to privatization and deregulation policies”, the party said “we demand the building of new refineries, fixing of the existing refineries, provision of basic infrastructure in the power sector and other sectors of the economy “.                    
“The Buhari-led capitalist government adopted, just like its predecessors, the anti-poor neo-liberal capitalist policies, which are responsible for the perennial criminal hikes because it protects the profit interest of the privileged big business at the expense of the vast majority. It is the implementation of these capitalist policies that have created mass poverty, mass unemployment and mass misery and simultaneously created a handful billionaires”.

SPN maintained further, “on the excuse of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conditions of millions of workers have been calamitously affected through mass sack, redundancy and cuts in salaries. Cost of living is skyrocketing, for instance, the price of a bag of 50kg rice is about N30,000, the value of the minimum wage that is yet to be implemented by many states.”, saying, “the Buhari-led government has failed to develop the economy despite its promises, infrastructure remains in a terrible state including the failure to fix existing refineries and build new ones”. 
“The power sector infrastructure remains comatose and many communities plunged into deeper darkness despite spending over $20 billion in the last 13 years. The government lack the capacity to develop the economy because it pursues the ambition and interest of a few local and international profiteers at the expense of the vast majority. The working masses are being forced to pay for the failure of the capitalist ruling elite.”    
SPN stressed “the rotten deal/agreement entered into by the Ayuba Wabba-led Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) shows clearly that the rightwing labour leaders have openly taken side with the  Buhari regime against workers and the poor masses”, saying, “we condemn the acceptance of the neo-liberal policies of deregulation and privatization by the national leadership of both NLC and TUC”.
According to SPN, “this explained why they called off the last planned September 2020 general strike against the hikes in fuel price electricity tariff and have been silent over the latest increases.”


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