Communal Crisis: Kaduna Youth Resolve To Restore Sanity, Tolerance, Dialogue



Youth in Kaduna State have resolved to contribute towards restoring sanity, promoting tolerance and adopting dialogue following the lingering communal crisis in the state.
The youth under the auspices of Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC) in their resolutions after a meeting in Kaduna said, “Worried by the lingering communal crisis in our state, and conscious of our civic duties as well as desirous of given our contribution toward restoring sanity, promoting tolerance and adopting dialogue as a means of resolving disputes.”
In a communique issued by the state NYC chairman, Zaharaddeen Aminu Tafida, the youths in an organized peace summit on the theme, “Sustaining Dialogue as a Mechanism of Restoring Peace in Kaduna State”, the youth noted with concerned the segregation of Kaduna city into two religious enclaves and deteriorating relationships amongst the citizens of the state.
The participants observed that there is a deliberate spread of disinformation and  incitement through social media,partisan and inciting statements from religious leaders and its polarising effects in our polity.
The youth expressed concern the use of ethnicity and religion as a factor of political mobilisation.
They noted with dismay the tendency of violent retaliation acts usually against innocents populace in the wake of conflict.
The participants stressed the need for youth across all sections of the state to build a collaborative efforts towards curbing the spread of violent conflict and promoting dialogue as a mechanism of resolving disputes.

Government, according to the youth should put in place a deliberate integrative policy approach through provision of social housings for low income earners in all new layouts.
They noted that there is need for rethink by the youth on the use of social media as a mechanism of spreading fake news and inciting posts capable of generating tensions and polarising the state further.
The communique advised government to expand and upgrades unity schools in the state to serves as an avenue for value reorientation for the upcoming generation.
The participants also advised that youth from all section of the state needs to form a synergy in promoting social justice and harmonious coexistence.
The meeting noted that there is need to put in a mechanism that will censor partisan and divisive preaching by religious clerics.
The participants enjoined all community youth based groups should work as vanguards of peaceful coexistence in their respective communities.
The youth advised that government should work with all stakeholders and NGOs in the promotion of dialogue in resolving conflicts.
It stressed the need to reintroduce History in our school curricula and give it the relevance it deserve, to aid value reorientation.


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