Collaborations Adding Value To Our Research Development – NILEST DG


By; SANI ALIYU, Zaria 

The  acting  Director General, Nigerian Institute of  Leather  and  Science  Technology  (NILEST) Zaria,  Dr.  Eucharia  Ngozi  Oparah  has  said  that  collaboration with  state  governments and  National  Assembly  members is  adding  value  to   research   development.

She  stated this  while  answering  questions  from  journalists  on the  collaboration the  Institute  is  engaging  in.

Dr. Oparah  said that  states like  Zamfara and  Borno    sponsored  IDPs  for  various  training   and  afterwards, they  were  given starter  packd to  enable  them  begin  on their own and  even  to employ  some  people to  learn  under them.

She  said,  some  National  Assembly  members  also  sponsored  their  people  through their  constituency  projects  to  support  the  Institute  financially.

The  acting  DG  noted that  harnessing  hides  and  skins  will  help Nigeria and the  sector    improve,  considering the  number of   animals  slaughtered  in the  country  every day.

According  to her, the  leather  products  will be more  gainful than  consuming  the  hides and  skins  as  popularly  known  as  kpomo.

She  lamented  that for  over  decades,  the  policy  of  consumption of  kpomo has  been  forgotten  about, talkless of  passing  through the  policy  makers for  approval.

Dr.  Oparah  said, unless  the  Kpomo  is  blocked  from  going out of the   abbatoir  and  massive  campaign  is  carried out  to sensitize  people on the  need  to stop  eating  Kpomo  as  a food  before  they can  stop eating  it.

The  acting  DG  noted that  as  agenda, the  Institute is  working  with  NAPRIS  on the  livestock  in order  to have  its  own  animals  for the  purpose  of  having  quality  of  hides  and  skin for  leather  production.


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