Northern Groups, lgbo Community In Northern Nigeria Agree To Foster Cooperation


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

An interface between the Coalition of Northern Groups and Leaders of Igbo community of Northern Nigeria, has agreed to foster greater cooperation that will ensure that no region or ethnic group is turned into marginal elements in all spheres of life on the future of the country.
A communique at the end of its meeting in Abuja on Saturday and made available to New Nigerian, said they would henceforth resist the temptation to live in perpetual blame of one section or another, one tribe or another, and one religious creed or another.

The communique signed by Abdul-Azeez Suleiman and Comrade Auston O. Ifedinezi, agreed that the passing generations have failed Nigerians, assuring that they would use the regional cooperation to ensure that they do not fail the next generation by working for an inclusive society that provides at least the most minimal of equal opportunities for all Nigerians.

The participants said they would resist the temptation to live in perpetual blame of one section or another, one tribe or another, and one religious creed or another.

The participants agreed to remain vigilant over the direction and fate of the country, saying that as major stakeholders in whatever happens in Nigeria, their position on how the nation operates must be informed by enhanced national unity and greater inter regional cooperation.

The communique noted that there is need to speak up for the rights of all Nigerians to be protected from illegal harassment where they earn their living, places of worship and their rights to full protection when they live as minorities among other communities.

It disagreed with the role played by Nnamdi Kanu during the #endSARS protests.

The meeting condemned in totality, the undue advantage taken by miscreants to turn the otherwise legitimate protests against SARS into mayhem in some parts of the country.
It also condemned all manifestations of insecurity anywhere in Nigeria and urged government to live up to its responsibility of securing the lives and properties of all citizens.
It agreed to set up a consolidation committee to design a framework for the sustenance of the initiative and foster understanding for the political and economic future of nation.
It also agreed that further and wider engagements be embarked on with critical stakeholders from the south east and the north including state governors, all segments of cultural, religious and civil society.
According to participants, “The need to work to build a nation where every Nigerian is safe and secure wherever he choses to live and work in Nigeria, and  support other Nigerians to benefit from mutual tolerance and accommodation if they show appropriate respect for the context of their livelihoods.”


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