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Balarabe Musa: ABG Mourns, Says Death Of Former Kaduna Governor A Collosal Loss



As tributes pour in from prominent Nigerians in honour of late Balarabe Musa who died on Wednesday at 84, former Federal Legislator, Shehu Bawa ABG has expressed sadness over the demise of the Second Republic Governor of Kaduna State, describing his death as huge loss to Nigeria and north in particular.
He said the Octogenarian was a principled Politician who would rather forego material and Political advantages for what he believed in as; truth, fairness, integrity and equity to all, which according to him were the reasons the old Kaduna Governor was impeached by opposition-party dominated state legislature.
“As a young politician, late Balarabe Musa was a stickler to Integrity, honour and ethos of democracy where rights of citizens are protected irrespective of ethnicity and religion.
“He grew in politics and age adhering to those noble ethics and beliefs through decades in murky waters of Nigerian politics which is rare finding Politicians with strict moral principles.
“While he was alive, he remained the lone voice of the masses who was always the first to speak up against any anti-masses policies by Governments at both Federal and State levels.
“He shall be missed not only by the north but the nation at large because he was an ideal figure of how a good Politician should be in face of politics laced with deception and subterfuge.
“We just hope our young and upcoming Politicians will emulate exemplary leadership traits and attributes of the late Balarabe Musa who died living a Spartan life devoid of jamborees and worldly leisures. ” ABG said.



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