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A Salute To Mai Mala Buni’s APC Caretakership

Yobe State Governor, Mai Mala Buni


It is a well known fact that the All Progressive Congress (APC), the Nigeria’s ruling political party has suffered serious crack during the 2019 general elections. 
The cracks were  occasioned by inability of the then national leadership of the party to patch up the hitherto crisis in most of the party’s control states which necessitated the dissolution of the National Working Committee under the leadership of Adams Oshiomhole. 
In order to root out the pros and cons in the party crisis, the National Executive Committee of the party dissolved the National Working Committee and appointed Yobe State Governor Mai Mala Buni to head the Caretaker/Convention Planning Committee in June 2020 in order to fix the uproar.Mai Mala Buni who was the former National Secretary of the Party is believed to be in possession of volatile knowledge of the APC troubles being at the centre of the helm of affairs of the party.

From the month of  June this year when Buni took over from Adams Oshiomhole, APC had started regaining grounds and faded  popularity resurfaces as almost all the crisis prone states were visited by the committee and eventually met with aggrieved factions.  
One can boastfully say the outcome of the recent conducted Ondo State Governorship election and lots of indicators  were determinants that Buni’s committee is bearing the expected successes which is a great feat.

In spite of the fact that the task of fixing the party’s inflicted crisis is herculean and uneasy, we the genuine faithful and true loyalists of the APC, bared no iota of doubt that Buni’s led leadership is on its feet to reposition and bring back the lost glory in the party in view of the way he demonstrated passion  to the assignment. 
We are therefore satisfied with the steps being taken by Mai Mala Buni and his core caretaker members.

While we count on these feats worthy of celebration we also observed with concern the way former Sen. Marafa faction of the APC who serves as agent of Zamfara PDP were attacking and  terrorizing the resuscitated peaceful cohesion been enjoyed by true party faithful. 
Those people are identical as they received various  appointments from PDP who is controlling Zamfara States as remuneration to the roles they played in unseating APC during the 2019 general elections.

Their recent action was how they are using media to  falsify and injure the effort of the party national leadership. The same sort of so called APC members also started campaigning for Mai Mala Buni to resign from his position. Let me remind them that Mai Mala Buni’s appointment  was a decision by  President Muhammad Buhari and other Executive members of the party. They should therefore redirect the call to Mr. President and not Buni.

We call on patriotic members of the APC to come to their senses and embrace the leadership of Mai Mala Buni in order to remedy the loopholes and to promote APC to enviable position.Bungudu is a former Member representing Bungudu/Maru Federal Constituency of Zamfara State.



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