Use Of Technology Will Resolve Challenges Of Pest, Drought – Prof Rabi’u


  By; SANI ALIYU, Zaria

The  principal  investigator  TELA  Maize  Project,  Professor  Rabi’u Adamu  has said that  the  use of  technology  through TELA  maize  will  resolve  the  challenges  of  pest and  drought on  maize  production .

He  made this  known   at  the  2 days   capacity building   training   for  Nigerian  Journalists  on  TELA  Maize  reporting  held  at  Kano .

Prof. Rabi’u  Adamu  said  production of  maize  in  Nigeria  must  be  doubled  by  2050, stressing that  Nigeria  needs  about  five  tonnes  per  hectare  to  meet up  with  demands.

 According  to him, stem  borer  is  a major  maize  disease  found  to be  reducing  maize  yield  between  14 per cent  and  18  per cent .

The  investigator  pointed  out  that the  objective  of   TELA   Maize  is to  further  enhance  food  security  in the  Sub-saharan  Africa.

He noted that. TELA maize  project  has  so far  released  five  improved maize  varieties  in  Africa  as of  2019.

Prof.  Adamu  said in  spite of the  identified  benefits of the  innovation, it  is  important  to  enlist the  support  of   stakeholders  prior  to  the  release  of the  crop  variety .

While  explaining  that  TELA Maize is  a  home  grown research  undertaken  by Nigerian  scientists  to  develop  and  implement  effective  strategy  for  environmental  release of  in Nigeria.

He  explained that the  essence  of the  capacity  building is  to  educate  journalists  on effective  communication strategy  in  reporting the  TELA Maize  and to  create  awareness  and  acceptability  on the  new  variety to the  farmers and  relevant  stakeholders.


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