Relocate Shadawanka Barracks In Bauchi, Governor Bala Begs FG

Senator Bala Mohammed, Bauchi State Governor


The Bauchi State Government’ has implored the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency relocate the Shadawanka Barracks in Bauchi from its present site to somewhere either along Maiduguri or Gombe road from the cosmopolitan City.

Governor Bala Mohammed tendered the plea when the House of Representatives Committee on Nigerian Army paid him a courtesy visit in Bauchi, saying the relocation of the barracks is to enable his administration open up the state capital for expansion and infrastructural development.

The Governor, who noted that relocation the Shadawanka barracks to another site either along Maiduguri or Gombe road would be an added security to the Bauchi metropolis, rather than putting both the Barracks and Bauchi NAF base in one location.

He told the committee, “We want you move the barrack outside to either Maiguduri or Gombe road, so that we can be secured from all angles. As NAF Base has gone along Ningi – Kano road, if we get the NA to go another site, we will collectively bear the cost of the movement”.

“I know Mr. president will look at this request positively because there is not place in Nigeria that loves President Muhammadu Buhari like Bauchi. This is his home, irrespective of the fact that I’m elected on the platform of an opposition party”, Bala said.

He added, “Mr. President is colossal in Bauchi and I want you to convey to him that the people of Bauchi want this favour to do for them, if it will be the take they will get from him, we will be very happy with him”.

“We believe in the Federation of Nigeria, on the indivisibility of Nigeria, that Mr. president is the father of all, and you as legislators, Nigeria is your constituency, that’s why you are bigger than the Governors, because in terms of responsibility, you are all over the country”.

“We urge you to use your opportunity to help us on this request so that we can improve the quality of lives of our people. We are also expanding the city and providing some corridors for urban renewal. Mr. President and Federal Ministry of HOusing are also helping us and that is why we are receiving him if he will come and commission some of our projects here in Bauchi”.

Bala also urged the committee to initiate sound strategies of repositioning the army by enhancing the capacity of its personnel for maximum productivity and better performance, while noting that repositioning of the Nigerian Army will no doubt ginger its personnel to work towards tackling the current security challenges in the country.

He advised the committee to come up with robust solutions that will help in overcoming the challenges affecting the smooth operation of the Nigerian Army especially lack of required equipment for emergency operations.

The chairman of the House Committee on Nigerian Army, Hon. Abdulrazaq Namdas said they were in Bauchi as part of their oversight function to the army formations across the country in order to appropriate the required funds for the army in the 2021 budget.

Hon. Abdulrazaq Namdas while stressing the need for all hands to be on deck for tackling the numerous challenges facing the army, appreciated Governor Bala Mohammed for his support to the force in the state.

“We members of the National Assembly see you as our own. As you are aware, we are here to do our oversight function in army formations in Bauchi, and after going back to the Assembly we will see how we can prioritize appropriation in respect to the Nigerian Army”.

He told the Governor that the Army in Bauchi are very happy with him because of his support to them, and we as a committee “we want to continue with this support because any state that is being ruled by a former Senator, the difference is very clear”.


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