NUJ Warns NAWOJ Against Campaign Of Bitterness, Calumny Ahead Of Triennial Delegates Conference

NUJ President, Chris Isiguzo


The National Secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has advised all contestants of the forthcoming, Nigeria Association of Women Journalist’s (NAWOJ), to shun anger, bitterness and campaign of calumny as they go about seeking for votes across the states. “Contestants must also rein in their followers to shun bitterness and rancour in order to make this election credible and as well make NAWOJ better.

According to the release by the National Assistant Secretary, Midat Joseph, it is important to note that it is God who gives power to whom he wishes to.

“we urge them to see this election as one exercise of people belonging to one family under God and must conduct themselves in a manner that shows sacrifice of patriotism to the Union.

“This sacrifice of patriotism is not for us alone, but for the generations yet unborn and the future of the Union. 

“We believe the contestants are mature persons, and as such; their utterances, actions and inactions should portray good character and not do things that would bring the Association to disrepute.

“The National Secretariat remains neutral in this election and will continue to play its fatherly role to all.Finally, we once again urge the contestants to show the spirit of sportsmanship, restore hope and unity as members of one family.”


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