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Artificial Fuel Scarcity Hits Kano

File photo of massive queue at NNPC Mega station as a result of the fuel scarcity.


Fuel scarcity is becoming a subject of discussion in Kano State where most of the filling stations are seen closed despite the efforts being made by the marketers to halt the situation where motorists and other road users groan about the situation at both rural and urban areas across the state.

Our correspondent who monitored the sales of  fuel at some filling stations gathered that many filling stations  that were closed have the commodity stored in their stations waiting for the major dealers to direct for price increase despite all the efforts being made by the stakeholders to ensure that all is well on the issue of petroleum resources in the country.

Alhaji Abdulhamid Sulaiman of Gadar Isah, said that "  some of the filling stations are closed while motorists and other vehicles owners are struggling to get the fuel but the filling stations were seen closed with unknown reasons but we are calling on the federal government to wade into the matter in order to allow Nigerians to have race of minds". He stated.

Similarly, a commercial bus driver along Kano-Katsina road told New Nigerian that,  "we hope that this fuel issue would not proceed to next day because we are willing to continue enjoying its availability despite the price increase from the federal government previously". He lamented.

In conclusion, many marketers and pump attendants that  interacted with our correspondent on the condition of anonymity disclosed that the situation would soon be addressed but the EndSARS protest  also played a role towards the scarcity of the fuel in some parts of the country, while calling for sanction of any filling station that hides the commodity in the name of protests.



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