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Over 200 Species Of Birds Migrate To Nigeria Annually – NCF



This year’s world migratory birds day was celebrated by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) with senior students of Government Secondary School Adiagbo near Tinapa in Cross River State.

Speaking at the occasion, the Head of Calabar office, Mr. Emmanuel Owan told the (SS 3) students of the school that the day was celebrated globally twice a year and appealed to them to plant trees and be environmentally friendly with green grasses at all times.

According to him, the bird migrates for food and other hash conditions, and sometimes seasonal migration.

Owan said,’there is a need for international cooperation and collaboration to ensure the Conservation of migratory birds in their habitats.
Owan further said the theme for this year is “birds connect our world’, stating that it is estimated that 1,800 of the world 11,000 birds species migrates with some covering a distance of 543 hours 
He revealed that over 200 species of birds come to Nigeria with 140 birds being water birds annually.
World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) is an awareness-raising campaign highlighting the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats. It aims to draw attention to the threats faced by migratory birds, their ecological importance, and the need for international cooperation to conserve them.
The Day is celebrated bi-annually on the second Saturday in May and in October.



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