Streams Of Destruction, Loss Of Lives From Road Carnage In Mokwa, Lapai

Mr. Babatunde Fashola, Minister of Works and Housing


As conditions of roads across Niger State continue to worsen by the day without any intervention, it has been tales of woe with gory sights from road carnage.
In two days, on Mokwa and Lapai axis of the road, seven lives were wasted and no fewer than fifteen were vehicles burnt and others mangled.
Four travellers were confirmed dead in multiple accident involving heavy duty trucks along Mokwa road.
The victims were travelling to the south western parts of the country when their vehicle was crushed in between two heavy duty trucks.
On Monday night, four persons were burnt to charred remains as seven heavy duty vehicles on transit along the Lapai to Minna road were on fire.
It was not immediately known what caused the fire but unconfirmed reports said one of the fuel bearing tanker had exploded and all the vehicles trailing it behind caught fire in quick succession.
The four persons who were burnt are believed to have been occupiers of the fuel tanker who in their attempt to escape the ravaging flame, were overpowered metres away from the wreckage of the vehicle.

The seven heavy duty vehicles were still on smouldering fire on Tuesday late morning hours.
Rescuers from the area were said to rushed to the scene of the accident on hearing the heavy bang of the explosion from one of the vehicles and the raging flame that lit the skyline.
Fire fighters from the council and others were said to have battled for hours in to the night to stop the fire but to no avail.
The charred remains of the victims were sprawled at different spots away from the burnt vehicle in graphic state.
As at Tuesday afternoon, the wreckages of the seven vehicles were still smouldering in the middle of the road at the scene of the disaster with no road traffic officials in sight to offer explanation.
However, some locals were at the scene in shock over the scale of destruction and wastage from the accident vehicles.
Pictures of the gory sights below at readers discretion.


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