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End Insecurity In Northern Nigeria Like SARS, Civil Society Groups Tell Buhari

President Buhari

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

Coalition of Civil Society Groups have called on President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to apply the political will used to end SARS in the country to end insecurity in the north.

The spokesman of the groups, Yusuf Amoke, said over the last few days, the country has witnessed a huge protest and demonstrations for citizens right all across the country, notable is the #ENDSARS protest that has not only attracted the physical participation of notable personalities in the sporting and entertainment and other industries but has witnessed virtual participation of notable international personalities and organizations. 
The groups noted that the unison in demand and mobilization strength couple with the listening tendencies of the government, has resulted in the scraping of the unit of the police force. 
It explained that the brutality of SARS in some parts of the country with horrid details was too much to bear, and therefore condemned its actions in strong terms.
The coalition of civil society groups appealed to government to redeploy members of the defunct SARS to some volitile northern states to help contain the insecurity as requested by the governor of Borno state and other northern leaders. 

The groups added that on a permanent bases, government should deploy security personnel on the Kaduna – Abuja high way to ensure safety of citizens. 

The groups enjoined government to improve on the welfare of the country’s security personnel with assurance for better life for them and their family for efficiency and effectiveness. 
They called for calm on Nigerians to be civil in expressing their concern in order not to allow jobbers to take advantage of the situation and plunge the already frigile country into anarchy.
we have not failed to notice a growing attempt to hijack the laudable movement of the young people by some career anarchists and bigoted elements with sectional and tribal agendas. This must not be allowed to happen to further endanger our already fragile country. The reality in the protest to end SARS is obviously real, but those protest coming after wards is calling for serious concerns.

The groups however lent their voices of support and encouragement to the young men and women of the present generation who saw the activities of SARS as unacceptable and rose up against it. 
The statement hailed the quick response of governement, for its quick acceding to these demands, adding that listening to the plight of the citizens and answering their demands is a welcome development in the country. 



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