AFAN Threatens To Sue Agric Minister Over Interference, Alleged Fraud

Architect Kabir Ibrahim, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) National President.


Uncomfortable about alleged interference in its affairs, the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), with its motto, “No Farmer, No Nation” is threatening to sue the Minister of Agriculture to seek redress.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by AFAN President, Arc Kabir Ibrahim, made available to our correspondent on Sunday.

“We are suing the HMA very soon for carrying out these proven inequities by dealing with Faruk Rabiu Mudi as a bonafide representative of AFAN fraudulently,” it stated.

AFAN said that it has come to their notice that the minister and one Faruk Rabiu Mudi are colluding to defraud Nigerian Farmers by sending letters itemizing some imputs for sale at reduced prices to be paid for in account: All Farmers Assiciation of Nigeria (AFAN) 5100311797 maintained at Heritage Bank.

“The account is fraudulently operated in an obscure and unsuspecting bank as can be seen.

“The items purportedly to be launched by the HMA along with 3 other Ministers are substandard and have been in the warehouses in Keffi and Mando since 2017,” AFAN said.

They recalled that in 2019, they were asked to buy some of them but nobody came forward to do so because they were expensive and substandard.

“Today they are subsidized by 75% and still unpopular and therefore still unsold.

“A small number of these items were illegally given to Faruk Rabiu Mudi and cohorts FREE OF CHARGE and he is fraudulently trying to sell them to unsuspecting farmers,” they alleged.

They further alleged that the minister in cahoot with Faruk Rabiu Mudi is seeking to perpetuate a charade of imput distribution on the 15th October, 2020 to create some semblance of World Food day,an event annually carried out back to back with the Annual Agric Show.

“This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic both these events are put on hold or very low key!

“You are all well advised to shun these calls from Faruk Rabiu Mudi and his cotravellers as they smack of fraud as usual.

“To appreciate what is happening you are invited to note the following:

1.The HMA is rated very poor in performance in office by a bulletin in the public dormain.

  1. The FMARD is under probe by the ICPC over the misappropriated sum of 16 billion Naira also in the public domain.
  2. AFAN is an NGO and as such should not be under the clutch of FMARD to warrant the HMA and some 3 Ministers converging in an illegal premises to do government business.”

They further alleged that it is ‘sub judice’ for the minister to refer to Faruk Rabiu Mudi as AFAN President since there is a matter pending in court.


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