Pensioners Get Over N961m As Gratuity In Jigawa

Jigawa State Governor, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar


The  state and local government contributory pension board in Jigawa State has paid the sum of N961,563,076.38 as payment of retiring benefits to 487 retired state, LGA, and staff of Local Education Authority of the 27 LGA’s in the state who retired from July to September this year, the Executive Chairman, Hon. Hashim Ahmad Fagam has disclosed.

Addressing a press conference at the board’s premises, he stated that the payment was categorized into three segments comprising of state retired staff numbering 150, who were paid N403,843,280.38, followed by retired LGA staff 111, whom were paid N139,114,658.56, LEA retired staff, 141, and they were paid N283,860,632.70k.

Other payments according to him, include death benefits to ten retired staff while on active service, whose families received N27,538,813.99k, 20 at the LGA level, N44,360,216.00k, 14 LEA N32,130,245.00, and death pension balance to 41 different categories of retired staff of state 15, LGA 7, and LEA 19 to the tune of N30,715,229.75.

Addressing the press conference at the Board’s Conference Hall on Tuesday, Fagan stated that the payment was third in the series as the board had earlier paid 305 pensioners in February in addition to other 434 retirees also in February this year.

The Executive Secretary enjoined the retirees to make good use of their sweat judiciously in making life more comfortable, adding, “I urge you never spend your gratuities recklessly.”

Furthermore, he warned pensioners not to engage middle men in processing their documentation, “warning we don’t assign anyone to act on our behalf on matters related to payment of pension dues to pensioners.”


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