Babangida Aliyu Salutes Nigeria @ 60; Foresees Greater Future

Babangida Aliyu


Immediate past executive governor of Niger State, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu has said that Nigeria’s march into nationhood may not have been easy but the prospects for a greater Nigeria still abounds.
“We may have walked slowly all along in our match into nationhood. We may have been slower in our pace compared to others in advanced climes but it is wrong to compare two unequal people equally” he noted, just as he stated that “it was not proper to compare Apples with Oranges”.
“Our 60 years match into nationhood have been a journey of hope. We are not there yet, but surely, we are on course. We have come along way, We are determined to go on” he enthused.
“What we all need is determination not despair, What we all need is commitment and patriotism” he asserted.

He said Nigeria is a country on the move and that our journey, albeit slow, but surely, steadily, it was progressing. “All we need is commitment and patriotism. What we need is the can-do-spirit from all of us” he  stressed further.
Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, who is Chairman of Nigeria’s Former Governors’ Forum and former Chairman, Northern States Governors’ Forum, (NGF) felicitated with all Nigerians on the occasion of the nation’s 60th independent anniversary even as he expressed confidence in Nigerians to weather the storms and come out stronger sooner than feared.
“May I say boldly and proudly here that Nigeria remains an entity of God’s creation with special attributes and endowments which are yet to be half discovered, explored nor understood. Nigeria is great country” he said.
In a statement issued by his media aide in Minna, the former governor of Niger state said “Nigerians must therefore remain resolute, committed to our indivisibility as one united, strong country despite the challenges of nation building”.
“As we celebrate our independence day, may I encourage all of us, without exception, to continue to walk our walk, live together and be more focused on our collective existence as one people, with one common destiny. It is achievable” he stressed further.
He saluted the country’s founding fathers, the heroes of modern Nigeria and the crusaders for Nigeria’s better tomorrow. He added that “together, we can achieve the dreams of our heroes past”.                        ==//==


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