Katagum Emir Counsels Judiciary To Review Land Disputes Judgments


Katagum Emir Counsels Judiciary Look At Land Disputes Court Judgments


The Emir of Karagum, Alhaji Umar Faruk Umar 11 has counseled the Judiciary in Bauchi State to look at some of the judgments being passed, especially on land disputes by the Magistrate Courts in the state.

Speaking while receiving the State Chief Judge, Justice Rabi Talatu Umar on a condolence visit to the palace Tuesday, the emir observed that some of the judgments being passed by the Magistrates on land disputes in Katagum emirate in particular need to be looked into critically.

Justice Rabi Umar who was on visit to custodial centres across the state to look at cases of awaiting trial persons while at Azare Centre took off time to condole the emir over the demise of Justice Dahiru Saleh and other notable people of Katagum emirate who passed away in recent times.

Emir Umar Faruk while noticing that some of the judgments by the magistrates on land disputes are really affecting the image of the judiciary, urged the Chief Judge to devise means of checking the accesses of magistrates with a view to exert the ethics of the judicial profession into the system.

He explained that a situation where you perfectly adjudicate cases upstairs while those at the downstairs are being eroded leaves much to be desired, stressing ‘This is not typical of Bauchi state, but apparently all over the country’.

The emir recalled that when people like him were young, judges’ relationship with people generally are being restricted but unfortunately today they were all over the place, and some of them arrogantly takes decisions without recourse to the ethics of their legal profession.

“In a village or locality, a person can simply grasp or take over a piece of land, and the nest thing he does is to go to the court and secure judgment and the Judge can grant him ownership of the land. Once a court judgment is passed, there is nothing one can do”, he queried.

Such land graspers, the emir explained, they do their despicable acts without the consent of appropriate authorities such as emirate councils, Local Government Councils or District Head Offices, actions which he said, causes a lot of security problems.

Faruk said however that he is not saying hamlet or ward heads were not being involved in such land dicey game, but they do it with fear that if caught in the act, will be disciplined accordingly.

The emir told the Chief Judge that the Katagum emirate council has a catalogue of such cases which if need be would be marshal to her office for critical examination or scrutiny.

The Chief Judge when pressed by the journalists on her entourage, said she would look into those advises and or complaints with a view to making them straight or otherwise.  


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