Ladership Crisis: Pasali Is BCO’s Coordinator, Says Chief Of Staff

President Buhari


The Chief of Staff, office of the National Coordinator, Buhari Campaign Organisation (BCO), Malam Inusa Musa, has debunked as, false the suspension of his boss, Alhaji Danladi Garba Pasali.

He said the national leadership of the BCO, is still intact, with Alhaji Danladi Garba Pasali, fully in charge as its National Coordinator.

Malam Musa, in a statement on Monday, said the likes of Malam Gidado Ibrahim and his cohorts, are not members of the BCO.

“It is instructive to stress that all of those that have purportedly signed any letter, or allegedly met to suspend Pasali, are not even known to us, none of them is in our register, either at the local or national levels,” he said. 

According to him, Malam Gidado Ibrahim, have for long seized to be member of the BCO, talk less of being a director and having relinguished his membersip, he moved to Presidential Support Committee (PSC).

“How can he now turn to be our member?” He asked.

Malam Musa said Gidado and his group are liars. 

“They are blatant liars, whose allegations are devoid of truth, facts and credible evidences, but spreading mere hypes than substanace. 

“In the real sense of it, Gidado Ibrahim and his cohorts are people of mischief, working for our opposition, all in trying to distract our work,” he said. 

He said, the trio of Malam Gidado Ibrahim, Shafiu Mansoor Tofa and Muhammad Mamudu Widi, “are criminals, whose mischievous tendencies go beyond Pasali’s false suspension. 

“These are people that go about impersonating high profile personalities, using such personalities names, to send text messages of threat to Pasali’s life and other people.

“They also use same and other means to engage in financial fraud, duping of unsuspecting victims and other related crimes.”

He said the BCO, has petitioned the Inspector-General of Police, the DG-SSS, and all security operatives urging for full investigation. 

He further said that the BCO, is an organization, that is well structured, carrying out its activities in line with global best practices. 

“As executive members we are intact in the national secretariat, with Alhaji Danladi Garba Pasali, fully in charge as its National Coordinator. And we are always in touch and in consent with our Board of Trustees and all leadership.

“We assure all members that an emergency meeting will soon hold to look into Gidado and cohorts mischief.  

“We urge all members of the BCO, to discard in totality all the mischief making of Gidado and his cohorts as well as disregards any purported suspension, remain calm and committed to supporting President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies of moving Nigeria forward,” he said.  


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