Stop Hiding Behind COVID-19, Resume Negotiation, ASUU Tells FG


By; SANI  ALIYU,   Zaria

The  Academic Staff  Union  of  Universities (ASUU), Ahmadu Bello  University (ABU), Zaria  branch  has  told  the government  to stop  hiding behind the  COVID-19  pandemic  by  dragging its   foot and  resume  to the  negotiation  table to  address all the  salient issues as  contained in 2009  agreement and  2019 memorandum  of  action.

 Addressing a  press  conference at  the  ASUU    secretariat  in ABU, the  Chairman,  Professor  Rabiu  Nasiru   said that without  prejudice  as   government’s  antics,    it  should  continue to  do the  needful in the   interest  of  the  people  of  Nigeria.

Professor  Rabiu   said that it is  encouraging  that the   government  and its  agents  have  failed to  break  their  common  resolve  despite  the  preponderance  of  propaganda, blackmail,  distortion of   facts and  stoppage of their  salaries.

The  chairman commended  their members and their  families  for  standing  behind  their  struggle to  salvage  the  Nigerian  universities   system and  urged them to remain resolute  and  assured  them that  the  union  will  enforce  the  rights of  its members  to their   full  entitlements   as it  will  protect their  dignity.

According to  him,   some  parents and  students  and  even  the  general  public have  some  misgivings about the  union’s struggle  towards  revitalization  of  Nigeria’s  university  education.

While   stating that  the Nigerian  Constitution has  made  education a  right  and  not  a  privilege   as most  Nigerians  are  aware  of, the  Constitution’s  provision  but  yet, they  pretend  as if   Nigerian  universities  are  for  ASUU  alone.

Professor Rabiu  Nasiru   said that it  is  common knowledge  that the   ruling class are  eager  to  privatize  every  sector in  Nigeria  including  education, but  If allowed,  the  common  man in  Nigeria  will  not  have  access  to  university  education, while  it  appeased  that  only  ASUU is  seriously  concerned  and   agitating  about it.

 Speaking  on the  reopening of  universities,  he said that the  position of the  union  is  that  all  necessary  guidelines  designed by the  Federal  Government  on the  preventive  measures  to  control  the  COVID-19  should  be  implemented  before  reopening.

The  Chairman  maintained that the  current  strike  action  remains  enforced  until  all their   demands  are  met.


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