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Zamfara: LG Sole Administrator Has Seized My Gold Mine, Gusau Businessman Cries Out


A Gusau businessman, Alhaji Shamsudeen Sani Dahiru has raised alarm over the allocation of his gold mine by the Sole Administrator of Talata Marafa Local Government Area for his personal use.

Alhaji Shamsudeen who spoke to a team of journalists at his office in Gusau, accused the the sole administrator, Alhaji Abubakar Mainaira of deploying miners and  to prospect for gold and manganese at his mine which is  located at Sauna village In Talata Marafa Local Government Area of the state.

The Gusau based businessman who is also the Director of Metro Bright Merchant  Limited Gusau, explained that his firm was given the license to prospect for gold copper and manganese on the Sauna mining site by the Federal Government and since the company having fulfilled all the financial and legal aspects of the requirements, it was in the process of mobilizating its workers to site when the Federal Government imposed a ban on mining in the state.

“In fact, Metro Bright Merchant General Enterprise Limited had been given the right prospect for gold, manganese and copper at the Sauna mining site in Sauna village in Talata Marafa Local Government.

“Here are the legal and financial documents which shows how much was paid and how Metro Bright was licenced to mine at the Sauna mining site.

“Unfortunately, lately, we noticed that mining activities were fully going on at our gold mine at Sauna and when we made enquiries, we discovered that Alhaji Abubakar Mainaira was the culprit that deployed miners and exacavator to the site, 

“Presently, he  conveyed a compressor to the site and they also drilled a borehole,” he added.

“All these illegal actions of the sole administrator prompted us to write a letter to the trespasser giving him an ultimatum of seven days to stop his illegal activities or face the law,”

He further explained that, “We immediately contacted the Civil Defence, Police and the state security services with our findings.

“However, as we speak now, nothing has been done by the security agencies.
“We have therefore, as a matter of urgency, decided to let the whole world know that our land has been taken over by the sole administrator of Talata Mafara Local Government Area.

The agggreived businessman also made a passionate appeal to the Governor of the state, Bello Muhammad Matawalle to intervene and prevail on his appointee to return the land back to Metro Bright Merchants Limited.

“I will like to appeal to the Governor of Zamfara State to in the name of fairness and justice to talk to his appointee to do the needful by relinquishing our land”.

In recent times, Zamfara State has become notorious for illegal gold mining and kidnapping and now going by Alhaji Shamsudeen’s accusations, land grabbing by constituted authority has being added to it



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