Reps Member, Barde Says Nigerian Constitution Needs Review To Give Minorities Sense Of Belonging



The Constitution presently in Nigeria has a lacuna and needs to be reviewed to give minorities a sense of belonging.

Member representing Chikun/Kajuru Federal Constituency, Honourable Yakubu Barde expressed this when speaking at a dinner organised by Tsaunin Kura (Sabo GRA) Residents Association in honour of Chikun Local Government Area People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman, Honourable Jonah J. Musa at Lesham Continental Hotel, Kaduna Saturday September 18, 2020.

He said that Nigeria needs a constitutional conference.
“There is a lacuna in the Constitution we must sit together and address it.
“Look at how constituencies are shared, Chikun for instance is densely populated but some that have less population are benefiting more.
“We have a minister from Kaduna State but does she know the problems of Romi or Tsaunin Kura,” he queried.
He lamented that the present Constitution makes it nearly impossible for a minority to aspire for some elective positions.
On impact he has made for the people of his Constituency, the fifth term lawmaker said that the first time he went to the National Assembly as a member, the budget allocated to Chikun/Kajuru was a paltry N30m.
“If we increase budgets of our constituencies by increasing the oil benchmark, they say we have padded budget, if that is what we need to do for our people to benefit, so be it,” he said.

Honourable Barde who is popularly known as “No Shaking” in his Constituency, said he was grateful to the Sabo GRA Residents Association for honouring him.

“As I sit here;I ask myself the question. I have been honoured, but my conscience asks me how do I give back.
“I have been elected five times and I ask myself that if anyone can do better and touch lives in Chikun/Kajuru, I will be happy,” he said.
He advised communities not to just told their hands and suffer in silence, but to let the government know their needs so that they may get some intervention.
“In Nigeria today, if you don’t shout, people will not know you are in pains.
“I am a Federal Legislator, Federal Roads I can influence. I have heard from you that your roads are deplorable. I believe His Excellency will speedily look into it, just as your President General said he has sent KADRA to come and assess it,” he said.
He however, explained that he has facilitated power transformers to several communities in his Constituency, with Sabo GRA also a beneficiary.


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