NGO, Strategist Hails Security Agencies Over Counter Terrorism

Buhari with service chiefs


Nigerians have been reminded not to so easily forget the bad security situation in the country and North East in particular which President Muhammadu Buhari on assumption to office in 2015 met.

According to an advocacy group, Concerned Professional Congress (CPC) and Media Strategist, Emeka Nwankpa, Nigerians should rather consistently keep in mind how the President assembled a national security team to courageously and successfully diminished the nation’s severe multi-dimensional security threats and challenges.

Strategist Nwankpa and Baba Al-Kassim of the CPC Sunday in a press conference in Bauchi, noted that terrorism is a major challenge or even more so considering the supreme sacrifice and commitment of the nation’s security services in counter terrorism operations.

They argued, “Nigeria’s territory is now free, thanks to the resolve resilience of the Armed Forces of Nigeria led by the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin and the service chiefs whose efforts re-positioned the armed forces to dislodge all acts of criminality against the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

The duo therefore implored Nigerians to remind themselves of where they were before, now and what happened in between, saying the people in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe were not unaware of what the nation’s security agencies put in to rescue them from the stronghold of Boko Haram.

Mr. Emeka Nwankpa and Baba Al-Kassim also regretted that some sections of the media report terrorism in a manner that confuses conventional warfare with asymmetric warfare thereby giving undue publicity to terrorists’ attacks and sending wrong signals to the general public.

They also expressed delight that Nigeria was blessed with Armed Forces that have the heart, spirit and soul to defend the country and its people, and passed kudos to President Muhammadu Buhari for his relentless doggedness in steering the ship of the nation at this particular time.

The professionals, while claiming commitment to promoting peace, stability, democracy and good governance in the country, noted that normalcy has returned to the North East, a feat they credited to the military whose gallant officers and men paid supreme sacrifices to keep Nigeria safe, secure and stable.

Nwankpa and Al-Kassim urged Nigerians to be alert and continue to work for the peace of the country, saying, vigilance is the price of eternal freedom, hence the need for peace in the country.


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