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Farombi Tutors Golfers On Health Mobile App Benefits



A former lady captain of the prestigious Ibadan Golf Club (IGC), Dr Temitope Farombi, has highlighted the many benefits derivable by sports men and women especially golfers from a new mobile application tagged ‘Ohealth’.

The neurologist who is a consultant with University College Hospital (UCH) clarified this while engaging golfers during a health talk held as part of programmes designed to mark the farewell golf tournament of the immediate past Captain IGC, Col Ade Sunmonu which was held over the weekend.
Farombi who said she cannot do without playing golf despite the cumbersome nature of her job, because exercise is important for optimal health and golf is a good way to exercise both mind and body urged fellow golfers to embrace the new normal after the pandemic outbreak and tap into big opportunities abounds in Information technology.
The medical practitioner claimed to indulge in golfing whenever she is under intense pressure, as it relaxes her mind because one cannot think of any other thing but the game while on course playing, adding it isn’t just playing the game that can reduce stress and anxiety, but simply walking across a beautiful golf course can alleviate negative thoughts and feelings.
She reiterated that Ohealth which is her brainchild is an online application that bridges the gap between doctors and patients after discovering that people having difficulties contacting their physicians and health is becoming more expensive.
“The essence is to bridge this gap between the doctor and the patient such that if you need instant medical advice or consultation, you can do it at the comfort of your home or anywhere which includes a golf course for a token on your phone”.
“The pandemic actually widen the need for this more, because lots of people find it difficult going out to see doctors due to restrictions, so with this kind of facilities, they can easily reach their physician even we have surgeons readily available on the app, they can book to see them without going out”.
While explaining why the mobile app is important for golfers, she added that “let’s assume a golfer is playing and something happened on the course, you can instantly reach a doctor right on the course via your phone to give you a first aid before going to the hospital.
“We have orthopedics that can be reached immediately, let’s assume somebody sprains his leg or waist while swinging, you can book a session with an orthopedic surgeon and he will tell you what to do immediately to mitigate further harm or coursing further injury with going to see a doctor.
“Golf is a game of minimal contact, but it is also a game in which players are not putting their bodies under mass amounts of stress like in squash, racquetball, tennis, or basketball and due to the low risk of injury provided by golf, players of all ages can play the game. But of course, golfers can sustain injuries. Pulled muscles from swinging, sprained ankles from taking a wrong step and sore body parts do occur no matter how healthy you are and that is where this telemedicine application is quite important.
“It is masses friendly, very cheap and affordable such that with 40 naira on your phone you can start chatting on your phone with the doctors or do a voice call with your doctor and if you want to see your doctor, you can do a video call with 300 naira.



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