Dozens Of Houses Submerged In Minna Flood

File photo: A compound submerged by flood in Niger community


Over thirty houses in Barikin Sale area of Minna, Niger State were on Monday morning submerged in flood water following a heavy downpour.
The worst hit communities were those at Barikin Sale C area and its adjoining areas west of the railway lines which traverses beside the community.
The entire stretch of the rail lines which lays beside the community traversing through Soje area of Kpakungu to the Minna train station was completely swallowed up by the flood water.
Crop fields beside the railway lines and green fields with farm crops were completely swallowed up by the flood water.
At the Barikin Sale area, residents struggled in the deluge to rescue some of their households effects including beddings, furniture, other personal effects, cooking utensils and clothing.
Though no life was lost, however properties estimated at mullions of naira were either flooded or carried away from the area by the flood.
The rains which was very heavy, lasted for well over an hour and subsided intermittently for several hours afterwards.
For a better part of the day, it drizzled all through as the weather remained clement without sunshine.
Drainages including river crossings, culverts and gutters were overwhelming flooded .
Elsewhere at Tunga area, some houses along Tungan Maje, Niteco area and Farm Centre zone, the flood channelizations drainage of about ten feet high was completely filled to the brim with flood water.
Some residents converged on the high rise elevation points on the road shoulders to catch glimpses of the boisterous cascading dirty brownish flood water as it moved with speed.
Residents of Barikin Sale appealed to the state government to assist in building flood channelizations drainage behind the village to channel water away beside the community.                        ==//==


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