Don’t Sell Farm Produce Hastily, Bauchi Agric Commissioner Advises Farmers

6,000 hectares of land being cultivated during the 2019/2020 irrigation farming in the dry season in Gombe State.


Bauchi State Commissioner of Agriculture, Pharmacist Samai’la Adamu Burga has warned farmers in the state not to sell their harvested grains from their farms to food merchants from neighbouring states.

He observed that taking such actions will make the farmers suffer hunger in the future as, according to him, the prices of food stuffs will soar high in the remaining months of the year.

Pharmacist Samai’la Burga who was weekend interacting with journalists in his office, called on farmers to reserve food for the rainy days and resist the temptation of selling their harvest early to meet their needs as they may end up buying those food stuffs at a higher price.

“It is disheartening that the minimum food that are produced, people have started selling it out. This is dangerous because between July to August, a bag of Maize was sold for almost N30,000 and in the previous months, farmers were selling a bag of Maize for between N14,000 to N15,000, thinking they were making profits, only to be forced to buy the same maize at above N30,000 during the hunger period of next July and August”

Burga suggested, “Farmers should reserve their food for rainy days.They can sell thier animals whenever they are pressed financially and not their harvest.I am appealing to district head , community and religious leaders to educate their followers to reserve their food as merchants from other states will come and buy at a cheap price and sell it for a higher”.

The commissioner explained that from the prediction of metrological agency, the rainfall in the state will extend to the end of October, adding that the soil in the state is already saturated and more additional rainfall will lead to flood in the state

He therefore urged farmers who have farms along river banks to avoid leaving their farm produce along the water banks as it will have washed away whenever there is a heavy downpour.


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