Gov Bala Vows To Jail Swindlers Of N774m Bauchi Public Funds

Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed


Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi has assured that his government will soon fish out and jail beneficiaries of fraudulent activities in the state civil service who swindled over N774 million into their private pockets.

“We are going to disgrace those people who are beneficiaries of these fraudulent activities, we will come up with their names, we will go through the normal civil service way of disciplining them, at the same time we are going to the court to prosecute and jail them”, he said.

The governor who chaired a public – media parley with stakeholders in Bauchi on challenges of salary payment and issues of nominal/ payrolls, expressed regret that those public funds swindlers have caused unnecessary sufferings to people.

“So many things happened, even we the politicians we cause problem, at the twilit of last administration, so many appointments and other things have been done, and are just creating problems, we cancelled some of them but they came back through the back door, If we had not use our civil service experience, Bauchi would have been on fire”.

“I have been paying salaries and wages 100 percent every month, I have never get a kobo aside, it is only when salaries are paid that any other business can be done, infrastructure and services are secondary in challenges. Bauchi is a civil service state, so service and labour must have an integrity”.

Governor Bala expressed optimism that with the engagement of a consultant to arrest the anomalies in the nominal/payrolls, the problems will be minimally reduced or completely eliminated by the end of this month or so.

We are making sacrifices. I have the assurance of the committee I set up and the consultant, one or two month, may be at the end of this month this issue will be minimally reduced or completely eliminated.

Bala directed the ministerial committee to critically look at the issues raised by the organized labour during the parley with a view to pay the supposedly civil servants who were omitted in monthly salary, saying it’s a must to pay them.

“At the end, I want to throw in the towel because it is affecting me as a person, not only politically, salary is not something that you can braces when you pay, there is enough money in the system to pay salary, but if the monies that we have are all taken away by fraudulent people, then we have a problem”.

He noted that the issue of 220 SUBEB staff caught in by procedures and executive abuses, who were not being paid salaries is germane, and directed for their immediate payment, adding ‘If I did not come here, I would not know their problem, I’m not a saint’.

While describing service as a full grown person that is immortal that doesn’t die until the end of the world, the governor however regretted that the service is being killed by insertion, placement and fraud.

He therefore solicited the support of citizens to be able to do the job of fulfilling his campaign promises, stressing “It is the job that we promised, and there are so many booboo traps”.

Bala assured the organized labour that with savings from the fraudulent activities of public funds swindlers, the government has created an account for personnel budgeting and employing people into all cadres of the service.

He also assured citizens, particularly civil servants that government is alive and conscious to its responsibilities, hence it will sure all those that are affected by the ongoing verifications to have their problems sorted out and be paid, expressing confidence that parley attendants are better informed to move the state forward.


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