Corrupt Practices In Payroll: Bauchi Organizes Public Stakeholders Parley

Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed


As part of a new strategy of tackling corrupt practices in Bauchi State payroll, the state government has organized a public parley with stakeholders involved in the payment of workers’ salaries slated for this week.

The Chief of Staff in Bauchi Government House, Dr. Ladan Salihu said last Friday that the parley was approved by Governor Bala Mohammed with a view to bring to an end fraudulent activities in the state civil service.

Salihu told the press that the staging of the parley become necessary following what he described as ‘ongoing insinuations’ that Governor Bala Mohammed led administration in Bauchi has failed to pay workers their monthly salaries.

According to him, the public parley is to afford the governor the opportunity to interact physically with stakeholders including MDAs, Labour unions and members of the public any information that will assist the government to bring to an end fraudulent activities in the state civil service.

Dr. Ladan Salihu recalled that the present administration in the state has since its inception in 2019 placed high premium on the payment of salaries of workers which, he argued, has unfailingly been paying them.

“We call this press briefing to talk about the issues making round in town and in some corners of the state including the media with regard to the payment of salaries of workers”, Salihu stated.

He further recalled, “In the last few days, we have noticed a worrisome attitude going on in town with a lot of insinuations, fabrications and lies with respect to the payment of salaries of civil servants”, adding ‘Governor Bala Mohammed has been paying workers’ salaries as at when due’.

“To show the public his concern on this issue, His Excellency has decided sometimes next week beginning with Monday would hold a public parley where everybody that was involve in the payment of salaries from the Office of the Accountant General, Commissioner of Finance, Head of Service, NLC, TUC and everybody will be allowed to come forward with any key information that will assist government to find solutions”.

“With the committee headed by Senator Adamu Gumba, we have deleted names of those who failed to appear before the committee and those who were found guilty are now using a section of the social media and other platforms to tarnish the image of government alleging that they were not being paid”.

Dr. Ladan Salihu contended that the state government will not rest on its part in taking very serious step to not only apprehend the fraudulent people but to prosecute them.

He also insisted that the administration of Governor Bala Mohammed was on right track and it has done well in the area of execution of development projects.


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