Debts: Nigeria Has Entered A Fast Moving Train Into Modern Slavery – Danburan Zazzau




Nigeria is moving in a very fast moving train into the Western Nations slavery method introduced in a globalization set up.


Hon. Muhammad Sani Sha’aban expressed this during an interview with journalists in Zaria on the state of the nation.

He said that Nigeria has already been trapped by the super powers through accumulated debts.


He said, hence Nigeria continues to borrow money from China, “it is obvious that we have signed our lives and sooner or later, the Chinese will come and reclaim Nigeria as their own because we can’t payback the debt we are indebted to the Chinese.”


 According to him, despite human and minerals resources Allah has blessed Nigeria with, yet the leadership has failed to utilize the blessing and make Nigeria a developed nation.


Alhaji Muhammad Sani Sha’aban who is the Danburan Zazzau lamented that Nigerian leaders are playing with farming as well as playing politics with it by using a dummy instead of assisting real farmers but go ahead beating around the bush.


He said real farmers are finding it difficult to purchase fertilizers and other farming inputs to cultivate their farms, but the government is giving Anchor Borrowers Programme for the people who don’t even have a piece of land to farm.


The traditional title holder also warned that, if government fails to live up to its expectations of its citizens particularly in the economic development there is no way armed banditry, kidnapping and other social vices can be eliminated as every year, youth are graduating from tertiary institutions without being engaged into service or other means of livelihood for them to survive.


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