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COVID-19: Sha’aban Expresses Fears On Nigeria’s Economic Future


*challenges leaders to declare true state of economy

By; SANI ALIYU,  Zaria

A traditional title holder  in Zazzau Emirate, Alhaji  Muhammad  Sani Sha’aban Dan Buran Zazzau has expressed fears of the economic future of Nigeria going by the worldwide COVID -19 pandemic  

Sha’aban  was speaking to journalists in Zaria  on the current economic  meltdown that Nigeria and  world nations are  facing as a result of the effect of CoronaVirus.

He said, Nigeria and other African  countries   must sit and strategize  their economic plans for their future if really  they want to jump out of the chain of economic  slavery the world   superpowers are planning  against  Africans.

The  traditional title holder also pointed out that unless Nigerian  leaders change style of  leadership by encouraging farming, minerals exploration will  save the nation, but failure to that, Nigeria will one day find itself in an  economic slavery  by the Western nations.

Alhaji  Sani  Sha’aban   said that with the vast  virgin land in Africa, Nigeria in particular, coupled with human and mineral resources   in abundance yet Africans  go to the  superpowers   begging for loans or  grants to support their economy which is too dangerous to a nation like Nigeria.

“God has blessed Nigeria in all angles of human, minerals resources, that we can be a help to the Western nations, not even to only Africans but  with the loss of focused leaders, we are  now in confusion.

“It is time for Nigeriaun to know their fate on whom to lead them when it comes to election of representatives  but  sentiments, envy hatred should be thrown aside  for Nigeria to survive form the silent economic  attack by the  superpower nations on our very  rich economies,” he advised.

Sha’aban  who was one time, a gubernatorial   candidate in Kaduna State further warned  Nigerians not to be deceived by the propaganda of  improved economy on paper while in reality is not so.

He  said Nigerian leaders at all levels should tell Nigerians the whole  true  situation of the economy  instead of hiding under the books without  anything to show as  improved  economy in the country.



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