Parents Making Prosecution Of Rape Cases Difficult – Kaduna Justice Ministry



In order to ensure Justice is served, rape victims and their families have been urged to come out and report offenders.
Representative of the Ministry of Justice, Principal State Counsel, Mustapha Haruna of the  Citizens Rights Department   gave the advice  while fielding questions from newsmen on the sidelines of the Zaman Tare Two-Day Training of Government Actors On Legal Instruments To Cultural and Religious Pluralism in Kaduna from Tuesday 28 to Wednesday July 29, 2020 in Kaduna.

“We appeal to parents to shun the stigma attached and allow daughters to come forward.
“We are appealing to NGOs and others that rape victims should come forward and report rape cases,” he said.

He explained that the Ministry of Justice are also stakeholders of promoting security in the state, by ensuring Justice is served.

“After suspect is apprehended, a case file is brought to ministry of Justice and we advise either for further investigation or charging the suspect to court.

“In case of rape, most times, it is not the ministry, but the parents who frustrate convictions. In rape case, you need victims to serve as witnesses but the parents don’t avail us with the victim to court. We go ahead with the case atimes we succeed with conviction other times we don’t,” he said.

Speaking further, he said that in view of that, citizens right department is  educating people on their rights through media programmes.

“We also call on religious and traditional leaders to educate people to know their rights,” he added.


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