IMAN ABUTH/ABU Gives Palliatives To Widows, Orphans In Biye Village



The Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) ABUTH/ABU Zaria has donated food items, meat and money to 50 widows and orphans to be able to celebrate Sallah  in happiness. 

Speaking at the distribution, the team coordinator, Dr. Shehu Salisu Umar said in their quest for donations this time around is actually a difficult one because most of them are also involved in catering for their own ileya needs.  

He said the request has provided them with additional two great blessings of spending on widows and orphans which the Prophet Muhammad salla Llaahu alayhi was sallam described as jihaad and secondly doing so, in the first ten days equals a jihaad where you sacrifice all you have of material things.

Also speaking Sister Hassana Muhammad said, the association has considered Biye Village for the donations as it was their immediate neighbour.

She said each beneficiary will received meat, two mudis of rice, groundnut oil and  N2.000.00.

The beneficiaries have expressed happiness for the kind gesture by the IMAN ABUTH,/ABU Zaria.


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