Herders Urge SSA SDGs, To Ignore Berom Petition Against Establishing School In Joi Community

File photo: Fulani herdsman controlling heard of cattle.


Fulani Community resident in Mahanga, in Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, has urged the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to ignore the petition by Jol Community, against establishing a school at Mahanga.

The Community in a letter to the office of the SSA on SDGs, signed by Alhaji Nuhu Adamu Muhammad, a concerned elder and Abdullahi Yusuf Ibrahim, youth leader of the Mahanga Community, was made available to newsmen in Jos on Friday.

They said their position was in response to an earlier  petition by the Jol Community to the office of the SSA-SDGs, and another notice of motion submitted to the Plateau State House of Assembly by Hon. Timothy Dantong, member representing Riyom Constituency in the State House of Assembly on the construction of a primary school located at Mahanga village under the jurisdiction of Ardo Mahmud Adam,  the Ardo of Riyom LGA, Plateau State.

“After a careful study of the two complaints, we are convinced that they are from the same source and are meant to pile pressure on authorities to act to further serve the narrow ethno-fascist and ethnic cleansing agenda of the Berom political and traditional elite which they have pursued with missionary zeal in the last nineteen years against Muslims in general and the Fulbe population of Plateau State in particular,” they alleged. 

They said, they are grateful to the office of the SSA SDGs, for siting the project, following an appeal from their people who were left for more than two decades without education.

The community said, there is no iota of truth in the petition alleging that, “by building a primary school for the children of herders at Mahanga village, the office of the SDGs is legitimizing land grab, by Fulani herdsmen..”

According to the letter, Fulani had existed for more than hundreds years as founders of Mahanga village.

The letter further reads: “We call on the office of SSA (SDGs) to ignore in its entirety, the  contents of the petition by Jol Community which is aimed at retarding the attainment of one of your lofty goals of education for all Nigerian children and eradication of illiteracy by the year 2030. 

“The Fulani as an integral part of the Nigerian community deserves to benefit from this universal goal.”

They also called for the provision of more social amenities like boreholes and primary healthcare facilities, which the Mahanga community does not have at the moment.

“Presently members of the community have to trek several kilometers through hostile communities to access healthcare services.

“We would also seize this opportunity to restate our faith in the capacity of the Plateau State House of Assembly to treat the said motion in a fair and dispassionate manner, despite its sentiment laden nature. 

“The House of Assembly has always been a committed partner of Governor Lalong’s Crusade for Peace through equity, fairness and justice to all. 

“We thus expect it not to  allow itself to be derailed in that noble quest by failed political opportunists trying to take us back to dark days of anarchy on the Plateau,” they said.


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