Pump Price Hike: Group Calls For Resignation Of Minister, NNPC, PPPRA Bosses, Hands Down Ultimatum

NNPC Towers

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

Nigeria Citizen Action Group (NCAG), a pro masses and coalition of civil society movement, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately ensure the resignation of the Executive Secretary PPRA, Abdulkadir Saidu Umar, the Group Managing Director NNPC, Mele Kolo Kyari and Minister of State For Petroleum Resources, Timpre Silva on or before Monday 13th July, 2020.

Alternatively, the group called for the reversal of the hike of the pump price from N143.8 to N123.5. 

Briefing newsmen in Kaduna on Monday, the spokesman of the group, Mohammed Salihu Danlamin, NCAG said, “We enjoin Nigerians to troop out to reject this act of frustration and deliberate infliction of harship on all citizen by oversealous appointee of government on Tuesday, 14th July 2020 when we shall be shutting down NNPC and PPRA headquarters Abuja to press home our demands.” 
The group noted that at a time when nations are doing more to aide her citizens out of this post pandemic era when many have lost job, salary cut, business shut among other adverse effect, the appointees of government decide to incite citizen against their principal/government, describing the action as so unfortunate, higly rediculus, callous and insensitive. 

The group lamented, “This we consider a deliberate attempt to erode off President Muhammadu Buhari goodwill, solidarity support, trust and love from the heart of Nigeria Citizens.”
It said instead of Nigerian citizen to experience further drop in PMS price or maintainance of statusquo, the PPPRA, NNPC and Ministry of Petroleum decided to hike the pump price amidst the global pandemic recovery moves. 

NCAG explained, “Nigerian will recall that on 11th May, 2016 federal government through NNPC announced the removal of fuel subsidy which neccesitate hike in PMS from N97 to N145, an increase of 66.67%, a similar policy former administration of Goodluck Jonathan/PDP tried that Nigerian outrightly rejected with massive protest Nationwide.
“Out of goodwill, unblesmish trust and unprecedented love Nigerians have for President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration as man of integrity, the policy reintroduction was never questioned rather Citizen endured despite its resultant effect on our day to day activites with hope for good governece in return as new government of President Buhari need every cooperation and support of Citizen to deliver as then. 
“It became a mirage, an unfortunate experience that none of Citizen’s expectation came to pass instead Nigerians patience are being taking for foolishness as National Assembly queried federal government on 31st  May, 2019 after a revelation  that we are paying highest subsidy in the history of Nigeria under same government that hike PMS price in the name of total subsidy removal. As Nigeria spent 11trilion Naira in 6 years in subsidy.” 
The group noted that aside that fact that numerous revelation in the recent exposed non remittance of tax into federation account by NNPC, it has equally been in public domains violation of procurement act and scandalus contract award process by the same NNPC such as revealed by former Minister Ibe kachukwu’ leaked memo to president Buhari on 4th October, 2017. 
“As at the peak of global oil price collapse at inception of Covid-19 pandemic where crude oil price fell from $67.3 (Dec 2019) to $32.31 (March 2020) per barrel, Nigeria as major crude oil producer should not have buy PMS more than N35 per litter but NNPC through her unintelligent, incoherent and inconsistent subsidiary called Petrolum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency PPPRA peged pump price at N125. 50/liter on 19th March 2020, and N123. 50 on 1st April, 2020,” NCAG observed. 
It added, “It’s with total dismay Citizen recieved with rude shock the increase in PMS pump price again on 1st July, 2020 from N123.50 to N143.80 despite no significant price appreciation  of crude oil globally from $32.31(March 2020) to $48.80 (June 2020) per barrel.”


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