Pump Price Hike: Group Gives Buhari-led Govt 7 Days Ultimatum

Muhammadu Buhari

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

Nigeria Citizen Action Group (NCAG), has issued a 7-day ultimatum to President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to reserve the pump price from N143.8 to N123 per litre commencing from Saturday July 4, 2020.
The group warned that failure by President Buhari to reserve the pump price will be left with no option but to mobilize Nigerian youths in mass to shut down NNPC and PPPRA headquarters simultanously.
A joint statement issued by Isah Abubakar,   Mohammed Salihu Danlami and  Engr Salahudeen A Lukman, PresidentNorthern Youth Council of Nigeria, Speaker,Arewa Youth Assembly and Co-Convener,Intellectual Young Leaders Network, in Kaduna on Saturday and made available to New Nigerian, said, “It’s so ugly and very disheartening, following the current economic reality with hardship, pain, hunger and insecurity that President Buhari led Presidency have inflicted on all Nigerians, its completely an act of irresponsibility and insensitivity for federal government to increase PMS Pump price at this very critical trying time in the country and globe. 
“Nigerians will not tolerate this continue extortive tendencies of APC/President Buhari-led Federal government anymore, the pump prices was increased from N87 to N145 yet Nigerian never complained out of faith, with the current crude oil price in the international market, Nigerian should not buy fuel above N70 per liter but federal government peg PMS price to N123 and Nigeria accept despite its unjust.” 
The statement explained that the fact remains that the incumbent government under President Buhari have lost touch with reality and connection with basic human pain and suffering in the country, stressing that it could take the decision to hike the PMS to N145 again. 
“President Buhari most learn how to step down and listen to the masses as well consider critical pain Nigerians are passing through on daily basis with the current hiked pump price for PMS, Nigeria will witness high rate of crime and commodity price hike,” the statement noted.
It observed that the nonchalant attitude to the plight of the common man by Buhari led administration is alarming, despite no government have ever enjoyed enough good will of the people like this administration. “The government has continue to ride on people’s emotion and faith. Fuel was hiked from N87 to N145 not long when the APC took over power in 2015, we allowed it at that time because we taught the government have good intentions but with the way things had went and manner things are going, this government is visionless, Careless, senseless and only aim at causing more hardship to Nigerians,” the statement added. 
It lamented, “It’s unfortunate that amidst this COVID 19 PANDEMIC and its economy effect, Buhari led administration could be this insensitive by increasing pump price.
“This is totally unacceptable. we reject this anti masses policy of President Muhammadu Buhari government Outrightly, we can’t fold our arms again to allow such a sacrilege to happen. 
“While  we are assure Mr President that if this price is not reverse within 7 days counting from today, we shall mobilize Nigerian youth in mass to shut down NNPC headquarters and the PPPRA headquarters simultaneously in Abuja. 
“Mr President, we are not longer comfortable with your silence over exploitative nature of your government, under your leadership the CBN Governor have supervised the highest tax regime in Nigeria through different exploitative charges including stamp duties, sure, we know this is not your agreement with the Nigerian people, you most take action and work for the interest of Nigerians and Nigeria Nation at large. It’s your responsibility to make life better and affordable for everyone.”


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