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Poultry Farms Can Only Thrive If Farmers Are Well Trained – Expert


By; KUNLE SANNI, Kaduna 

A vetrinary doctor has observed that for poultry farming to boom in the country, certain things must be put in place for it to positively affect the economy. 

The doctor who spoke with the New Nigerian Online reporter in Kaduna on Thursday, said the farmers need to be well trained on what it entails to venture into the sector..

Dr Vincent Agbho of Agbho Vetnary Clinic, Suleja Niger State, said that most people like to go into poultry farming but lack the knowledge of the business, adding that most Nigerians have turned their homes to poultry simply because it is a lucrative business. 

He advised that whoever desire s to do it should be knowledgeable about it.

“Most of the operators only have flair for it and along the way, the business will crumble because they are not being guided by professional advice.

“.Dr. Agbho said any would be poultry farmer must engage the services of the professionals that will always be available to attend to emergency in case of any. 

“Those who are practicing it in their homes risk the outbreak of diseases that may attack the family and the neighbors. Disease may attack the birds because of the environment that could result into great loss, but with a professional consultant, his advice will come to bear”, he explained.

 He said the sector is a large one that could accommodate a lot of unemployed, but one must be an authority on the job in order not to get trapped in the business thereby resulting in stroke or any other disease. 

He called on government to reduce the protocol for accessing agric loans to help interested ones in the country, saying majority of the youth are interested but for the stringent measures before it is accessed, puts them off.

 “If the loan could be accessed within a short period of time, many out there waiting for non-existing jobs would be gainfully employed and become employers of labour within a couple of weeks, thereby narrowing the gap of unemployment in the country “, Dr. Agbho further advised. 

He counselled youth who are interested in the poultry farming to get equipped with the guidelines to enable them get the required results that will further rejuvenate the nation’s economy from being a monoeconomy. 



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