Federal Govt Urged To Support Indigenous Industries

President Buhari


The Federal government of Nigeria has been called upon to give  more financial support to locally owned manufacturing companies in order to bounce back with good production ability for national economic reconstruction through industrial restoration.

The call was made by Alhaji Aminu Musa, in an interview with our correspondent in Kano.

He reiterated that giving financial support will certainly help in boosting national economy especially at present when the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening global economy which needs post pandemic recovery through reviving indigenous factories that are grounded.

Alhaji Aminu Musa disclosed that “Nigeria has all the necessary raw materials that can be used by our local industries, therefore it is important to revive the grounded industries in accordance with the mode of their production to rejuvenate the country’s economy and for the provision of employment opportunities as seen in other developed nations,” he stated.

Furthermore, Aminu Musa asserted that in Nigeria today, many industries are grounded due to financial issues while others have been closed for various reasons, that is why many industrialists deem it possible to call on the federal government to come to the aid of the domestic industries with financial support which is the best option to industrial restoration in Nigeria.

In conclusion, Alhaji Aminu Musa commended the federal ministry of industries for creating many ways that are meant for national economic growth and  for opening more windows of opportunities  for employments that can be proud of in the future.


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