COVID-19 Pandemic: Cleric Urges Christians To Remain Steadfast In Christ, Continue Worshipping At Home

Church building of National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja


Christians have been charged to remain steadfast in Christ despite closure of churches nationwide due to the CoronaVirus pandemic ravaging the country. 

In a phone interview with the founder of the Christ Light Global Miracle Ministry, Trikania, Kaduna, Evangelist Moses Taiwo Olorungbemi, he said the pandemic is a global phenomenon and all efforts to stop it must be adhered to. 

He said the closure of houses of God should not be a yardstick to fall by the way in worshipping God, adding that one can worship in the closest and get answers to the request before God. 

“We should not be in haste to reopen the houses of worship except the order comes from the government that slammed the order, we must portray ourselves as obedient children of God “, the clergyman said. 

He reminded worshippers of the Biblical injunctions that says “obey the government is the one who has put it there..” in the book of Roman 13: 1-2, “so let us remain in the Lord in our closets and pray that He put end to this strange pandemic and carry out orders from the government”.

Evangelist Olorungbemi admitted that he has been receiving series of calls on when ban on houses of would be lifted and quickly added that his answer was “God’s time is the best, let’s wait for it, He knows why we are going through this period He knows when it come to an end”.

The man of God admonished all worshippers to lntesify prayers and support government efforts in curbing the COVID-19 pandemic as it is affecting all strata of governance and businesses. 

He said the economy of the nation is in shambles and needs urgent attention by all and sundry to get it back for the betterment of all.

Evangelist Olorungbemi agreed that with the support of every citizen, the end to the pandemic is near, and called on followers of the two religions to pray fervently for the solution to the pandemic to come speedly and government officials over their efforts to end it. 


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