Home News Kajuru Crisis: Adara Leader Comemorates His 103 Days Incarceration In Prison

Kajuru Crisis: Adara Leader Comemorates His 103 Days Incarceration In Prison

Kaduna Convict Prison

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna 

The President of Adara Development Association (ADA), Awemi Dio Maisamari, one of the nine elders in Kajuru Local  Government Area of Kaduna State that was released from prison on 31st May,  2019 by the Governor Nasir el-Rufai-led administration said he will proudly relish his incarceration experiences for the rest of his life.
It would be recalled that the Adara elders were arrested for alleged complicity in attacks on Fulani communities in the local government area last year but were eventually released for lack of any evidence against them.
The ADA President in a release to commemorate the first anniversary of their release from 103days in prison, thanked those he described as “the sane and brave souls” who made their release possible. 
He further thanked the maximum political ruler of Kaduna State for adding another title “Prison Graduate (PG3)” to his name.
The ADA President said the 3 is to show that it is his third incarceration while fighting the cause of his community and are part of the evidence of his commitment to social justice for the disadvantaged in human society in general.
Mr Awemi then used the occasion to challenge particularly the elites of disadvantaged and marginalized groups to create developing communities that can continuously identify and vigorously address their own community problems through making exra and long term commitments, cooperation and team work.
He observed that as long as elites in a community neglect, refused or failed to continuously learn, think, reason and plan together to make sacrifices, save and invest together in their community, that community is bound to face problems.
He stressed the need for communities to continuously work, build, produce or create wealth together, accept, appreciate and reward positive contributions to (or query and sanction wrongs done against) the community.
He also posited that when a community continuously only comes together for social and ceremonial activities, elects, appoints or supports incompetent, unpatriotic and short sighted leaders, that community will definitely collapsed.
He further stated that a community would collapse where majority of community members are poor, ignorant, confused and discouraged; where people are backward, intimidated, manipulated and dominated, the community will be choked by social injustice and the future increasingly bleak.
He advised that the elites should continue to strongly resist new ideas, changes that are not to the interest of every member of the community, stressing that extra commitments and sacrifices should be made for the wellbeing of the community irrespective of any different.
He noted that elites allow injustice due to their selfishness, greed, lukewarm mindsets or cawordly surrender to fatalistic resignation.  
He stressed that by design or default,  elites can improve their disadvantaged and marginalized communities through self reliant development initiatives or condemn them to helpless submission to self inflicted bad fate. 
He appealed that for the sake of future generations, elites must create developing communities for their people and not abandon them in collapsing communities and society so that posterity will judge them kindly.
He noted, “The struggle for a better society for all must continue.  And victory is certain because people and societies survive and outlive bad rulers and unjust systems.”



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