Lagos Driver Murdered With Ring Laced With Charm

Commissioner of Police Lagos State Command, Hakeem Olusegun Odumosu


A Lagos based commercial bus driver has been cut down in his prime as he was allegedly killed with a ring laced with charm.

Identified as Suliu Ambali, 45-years, the kwara-born driver was said to have been punched with a ring laced with charm, by a young man identified simply by his alias, Daduro Afefe. 

The incident reportedly happened around  4:30pm on Sunday, May 24, 2020, at Okemorosun, off Magbon Town, Badagry in Lagos.

Suliu who went to work on the said day, had retuned to join friends celebrating the Eld -el Fitr. 

A call for help came shortly after his arrival, as a woman cried to the men that her aged husband was about being beaten by Afefe.

Suliu and his friends had rushed to the man, who was identified as Baba Rotimi, a member of Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) to rescue him. 

Unfortunately, Afefe who was in a mission to kill, took out the ring, and aimed for Suliu, who had admonished him not to insult or attempt to beat the Baba Rotimi, he punched him in the stomach.

Suliu died immediately, while Afefe, who knew the gravity of the offence he had committed fled the area. 

A friend of the deceased, Atolagbe Adetoyi, who witnessed the whole drama, said he is still in shock. 

 Adetoyi told the correspondent how it all happened, he said: “ The fact that my friend is gone still seem like a dream. I am yet to believe it.

On that day, which was sallah day, Suliu, and a few of us, all friends, sat somewhere and we were discussing. Suddenly, the wife of the elder brother to one of us ran to us calling for help.

“ She said that Afefe and his friend (name unknown) was about beating up her husband. We hurriedly went to the rescue of the old man, Baba Rotimi. We asked what happened and we were told that Afefe sat in a tricycle to smoking weed with his friend. The rider told them to excuse him as he was about to resume business, but the refused. 

“ The rider who is also not a troublesome man, as we call him pastor, came to call Baba Rotimi, as an elder, to intervene in the matter and it was while he was trying to caution the boys that they started raining insult on him and threatens to beat him up.

“ We ordered the boys to leave the old man, and warned them against their unruly behaviour. This didn’t go down well with them, as they trued to pick a fight with us. Suliu even called Afefe telling him to desist from causing trouble.

“ Afefe wanted to pick a fight with Suliu, but neighbour pleaded with the deceased to let  overlook his action. The matter was settled and we went back to where we were sitting and continued our discussion. 

“ Suddenly, Afefe appeared from nowhere, he walled to Suliu, and was about to punch him when one of us, blocked the punch with his hand. Immediately the man’s hand became numb and stiff. Since then, the man has not been able to do anything with that hand. 

“ The second punch landed on Suliu’s stomach, and he immediately fell to his knees, and then face down. When we raised his head, he was white, it was as though all the blood in his body had dried up. 

“ He died immediately, while Afefe who knew what he had done ran away. We searched every know place for him but to no avail. We were however lucky to get his accomplice and we handed him over to operatives of Morogbo Police Station.”

Although the corpse had been released to the family for burial, family are friends are demanding that the police arrest the fleeing killer. 

Adetoyi said: “ What we want is for the police to arrest Afefe. He is a notorious criminal as we later heard that he was into armed robbery amongst other criminal acts. We want justice for our friend, we want the Lagos State Government to take over the matter and let the suspects pay for their crime.”

Distraught wife of the deacesed, Silifat Ambali, managed to speak to the correspondent. 
Silifat who discribed her husband as a peace loving fellow, a devote muslim, a caring father to his two children, and a loving husband said she also wants justice. 

Speaking on how she found out about her husband’s death, she said: “ On the day the incident happened, I was at home when someone ran to tell me that my husband was dying. 

“ I asked what happened and where, they led me to Marwa Park. When I got there, he was gone. I later heard that a boy hit him with a ring laced with charm, which killed him immediately. The boy has since fled, one thing I know is that there is God, and I leave this battle to him. I will also appreciate if the police can fish him out of his hiding. He has to be punished for what he had done.”

Meanwhile, information gathered from residents of the area revealed that Afefe is a suspected cultists, who only comes to the area to hide after committing heinous crime elsewhere. 

A resident who didn’t want his name mentioned, said: “  We are now leaving in fear in the area. Boys, who have taken to smoking weed are always at different corners. We fear for our lives and that of our children. If you decide to inform the police, after they are arrested, they are released and they return back to the area.  

“ They will even be bragging that no one can touch them, that when they are arrested, theu will be released and you will keep seeing them.Even the so called Afefe, I don’t even know where he lives or who he lives with. We only see him smoking weed with his friends at a particular spot. Some people even alleged he robs houses whenever he comes to the area. 

“ With what has happened, we want the police to start frequenting this area, we want them to raid criminal hideouts in the area. None is above the law, so everyone who wants to make this area uncomfortable for us must be dealt with according to the law.”

He has since been buried according to the Islam rites.


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