Damaturu Residents Depending On Cassia Tora For Survival Appeal For Govt’s Support


By; MAIDUGU ALI, Damaturu

An appeal has gone to government and non-governmental organizations to as a matter of urgency, provide palliative materials to the people whose livelihood depends on cassia tora known as (Yadiya).

The appeal was made by a cross section of people who are found picking the shrubs for their daily consumption.With all efforts by the federal government’s palliatives materials programme, Yobe State Emergency Management Agency as well as ministry for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, many people in Damaturu the state capital depend on cassia tora known as (Yadiya) for their daily meals.

New Nigerian Newspapers spoke with a cross section of women and children picking the shrubs for their daily consumption.

Zainab Muhammad and Maimuna Abubakar said, they are picking the cassia tora and mixing it with groundnut cake known as karago and consume as their daily meals with their children.

While answering questions on if they have ever benefited from government or non-governmental organizations livelihood support programmes, they said they are yet to be lucky beneficiaries.

Zainab Muhammad and Maimuna Abubakar, residents of Nayi-nawa Ward, Damaturu appealed to relevant organizations and concerned authorities to come to their aid in bringing succour to their lives.


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