Architect Kabir Ibrahim Is Authentic AFAN National President -Farmers

6,000 hectares of land being cultivated during the 2019/2020 irrigation farming in the dry season in Gombe State.


Farmers in kano State have announced total support to  architect Kabir Ibrahim  as the authentic national president of  All farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), and described the national president as a dynamic leader who works selflessly towards the progress of the association.
Many farmers that had an interview with our correspondent disclosed that architect Kabir Ibrahim remains committed to the general progress of AFAN, in Nigeria since he was duly elected, while the Nigerian farmers remain solidly behind his leadership of genuine transformation.
Alhaji Nasiru Sarkin Noma, a large scale farmer from Kano told New Nigerian that ” we elected Architect Kabir Ibrahim to lead our association, and we trust him and his executive officers, therefore we are wondering how we woke-up and heard that somebody who is not even recognised by the Nigerian farmers eas announced as national president

“In this regard, we have commenced preparation of our petition to be delivered to the Minister of Agriculture to channel our grievances,” he said.

Similarly, Alhaji Muhammad Mai Albasa said that what is happening  in AFAN  must be checked thoroughly in order to restore the association especially at present when the federal government is working seriously towards the progress of agriculture, and to enable Nigerian farmers to benefit more from the national agricultural policy.

He affirmed that Architect Kabir Ibrahim remains the authentic AFAN national president.

 Futhermore, Kano farmers called on the honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to wade into the AFAN tussle to enable Architect Kabir Ibrahim to continue leading the association especially at present when there is the need to have a one voice in the highly respected  and popular farmers association.

The Kano concerned members of AFAN announced that they are now set to meet and bring out excellent reports that proove that Architect Kabir Ibrahim is the duly elected national president through various means of communication in order to ensure viable democracy at AFAN.


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