Twenty Seven Persons Sent Into Quarantine In Niger

Niger State Governor,Sani Bello


Apprehension have heightened in Niger statey as twenty seven persons have been sent on quarantine following their contact with a returnee from Lagos.

The suspected people are presently under quarantine at the Social Rehabilitation Center in under Bosso council area, one of the two councils within the state capital. It is located at Shannu village.

The centre was converted to an isolation centre by the state government. The centre is a 50-bed capacity isolation centre.

The commissioner of Health, Dr. Muhammed Makun Sidi said the people were being quarantined based on the suspicion that some of them have had direct contact with some confirmed Coronavirus patients while others displayed possible symptoms of the Coronavirus.

The Commissioner, who received Journalists at the premises of the isolation centre, explained that the majority of the quarantined persons were reported to the state Ministry of Health by their immediate family members.

This, he said, reflected how much the people of the state were enlightened and sensitized by the various programmes embarked upon by the state’s Ministry of Health and their determination to prevent the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 into the state.

“These twenty seven persons here might have had contacts with some people that had contacts with confirmed Coronavirus cases more so they were coming from an area considered as an epic centre in Lagos.

He noted however that “it has not been confirmed that they are positive of the COVID-19 disease but the issue is that they were coming from the epic centre and because of the directives from the World Health Organization, ( WHO) and Nigeria Disease Control Centre( NCDC) to quarantine such people, that is what we are doing” he added.

”This is why they are being quarantined in this isolated place at the Social Mobilization Centre, behind the Police Secondary School, Minna in order for them to obey the quarantine rules for a minimum of about fourteen, (14) days and pending the outcome of the tests we conducted on them that have been taken for analysis at NCDC, in Abuja”.

He said the results of the tests were being expected in the state by next week, adding that the result would determine how long the people will stay at the Isolation centre”.

The Head of the Social Rehabilitation Centre, Minna, Maryam Ibrahim, however explained that as at Tuesday morning when the vital samples of the people were taken, none of the suspected persons had showed any signs of the Coronavirus yet.

“Their vital signs were normal and there was no coughing or catarrh from anyone of them for now”, she said.

He insisted that there was no need for panic as the results of the samples taken from those confined had not yet returned nor has it been confirmed anyone of them was Coronavirus positive.                                   


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