Adara People Cry Out Against Including Kasuwan Magani In Kajuru Emirate

Governor el-Rufai

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

The Adara people in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State have called on all people of conscience in and out of government to arise and avert the crisis that will accompany forceful government reintroduction of Islamic Emirate rule on Adara Christians. 

The Adara people alleged, “It should be clear by now, that they are hell bent on unleashing more injustice, barbarism, even anarchy on peace loving and law abiding non-Muslims in particular and society in general in their “holy” war of subjugation.”

The Adara Development Association (ADA), in a press statement in Kaduna by its National President,  Awemi Dio Maisamari, said, “Any democratic government that aligns with or at least condones such is not worthy of the title.”

They said, “We wish to concur with the view that when a person or group is emotionally attached to tribe, religion or political leaning to the point that truth and justice become secondary considerations, then their education and exposure is useless. 

“Any one that cannot reason beyond such sentiments is a liability to mankind. This seems to be the condition of all those sympathetic to Muslim extremist state and non-state actors orchestrating the Nigerian tragedy.”

The Adara Development Association (ADA) said that it has come across a copy of the letter dated 10th March, 2020 to the Governor of Kaduna state emanating from the Kasuwan Magani Hausa/Fulani Muslim Community. 

“In the said letter,” according to the statement, “The said community expressed support for the restructuring of Kajuru Emirate to include Kufana District, part of Adara Chiefdom which has more than 95% Christian population. The Kasuwan Magani Hausa/Fulani Muslim community also expressed their wish to comply with the unjust and obnoxious gazette which placed the whole of Kufana District (where Kasuwan Magani belongs) under Kajuru Emirate.”

The Adara people noted, “Without any iota of doubt, various actions and letters written by some elements in Hausa/Fulani Muslim communities living in Adara land in concert with implicit government support have clearly vindicated the long standing ADA position. Our position is that the letters and associated actions show that there is a grand and coordinated plan to populate, occupy, annex, dominate and re-colonize Adara people and their ancestral lands.”

The statement asserted, “In Hausa culture, traditional rulers are regarded as the fathers and owners of the land. Whenever government and even private organisations need land in a community, they usually collaborate or conspire with them to facilitate the land deals often at the expense of the people and the community. This informs the continuous and often morbid desire and conspiracy of extremist elements within Hausa/Fulani Muslim communities with government to install Hausa/Fulani Muslim traditional rulers, their stooges or to unduly expand the territories under their control whenever and wherever possible. 

“This is what informs the purported creation of a Kachia Chiefdom comprising Laduga grazing reserve and parts of Jaba Chiefdom in which another Hausa/Fulani Muslim can be installed as the ruler. This also informs the undisguised attempt to extend the new Kajuru Emirate to include Adara land that is obviously not part of Kajuru land.”

The Adara people alleged that as long as the creation of additional Chiefdoms was under the past Kaduna state government, Hausa/Fulani Muslims still ensured that the above scheme was advanced. “That is why mini Hausa/Fulani Muslim enclaves were converted to Chiefdoms (and have now metamorphosed into Emirates) on Christian ancestral homelands. In Adara land, this was taken a step further when the defunct Kachia and Kasuwan Magani Districts were created and specifically designated by law to be exclusively for Hausa/Fulani Muslims. This again is part of the grand plan to bring more land in Southern Kaduna under Hausa/Fulani Muslim traditional rulers,” the people feared.

The Adara people lamented that there was a letter requesting for the creation of Kachia Chiefdom for the minority Hausa/Fulani Muslim community of Kachia District out of the present Adara Chiefdom dated 8th July, 2014. 

The statement  explained, “The letter stating the resolution of Hausa/Fulani Community of Kachia LGA/District in respect of the attire to be worn by traditional rulers dated 13th October, 2016. Their letter rejected the government approved traditional head gear of District Heads in Adara Chiefdom for allegedly and falsely being un-Islamic.  

“The letter communicating recommendations to the committee on the review of the Chieftaincy system in Kaduna State dated 14/8/2017 by Kajuru Traditional Council. The said letter recommended the change in nomenclatures of Hausa/Fulani Chiefdoms to Emirates and the discontinuation of the use of ethnic names for non-Hausa/Fulani Chiefdoms. That is to say Kajuru Traditional Council chose the nomenclature it wants for itself and then dictated the nomenclatures to be used by non-Muslim Chiefdoms. How inconsiderate and self-righteous can some people be?”

The statement said it becomes necessary to alert Adara nation, the non-Muslim population of Kaduna state and the public at large of this covert and sinister game plan. “The letter purportedly written by the Hausa/Fulani Muslim community of Kasuwan Magani is part of a grand design to control more and more Adara land and people,” it assured.

ADA therefore cautioned Kaduna State Government that the Adara nation and indeed all other non-Muslim ethnic nationalities are irrevocably committed to defending their rights, dignity, ancestral lands, cultures and religion.

“No amount of terrorism, religious, administrative, judicial, political and economic bullying will weaken that resolve. Government should therefore stop engineering and satiating the imperial and evil designs of extremist Muslim elements,” it advised.  


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