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COVID-19: Governor Emmanuel Signs Laws To Restrict Movement In Akwa Ibom

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State


The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel on Monday, March 30, 2020, signed the Law restricting movement of persons and vehicles in and out of the state.

The measure came on the heels of the state government efforts at controlling and preventing the spread of Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19 ravaging the world.

Known as ‘The Quarantine and Restriction of Movement Regulations 2020″, it comes into force on 30th March 2020 and will remain in force till 30th April, 2020, or for such extended period as may be announced from time to time.
The provisions of the regulation, according to the chairman of the Quarantine and Restriction of Movement Regulation 2020 Enforcement Committee and Akwa Ibom State Police Commissioner stated as follows.
Commercial tricycles are to carry not more than two passengers only;  Mini buses to carry one passenger per row while Private vehicles are to carry not more than two persons at the back seat and one on the front seat.
Similarly, Public Parks, Shops, Eateries, Clubs, Restaurants, Markets, shall remain closed except those for the sale of foodstuffs, drugs and other essential commodities. All public burials, weddings,and other forms of public gatherings are prohibited.
All places of religious worship, churches, mosques are to strictly observe the social distancing prescription of a minimum of one metre spacing and not more than 20 persons per gathering while hand washing facility with running water, soap and sanitizer are to be provided.
All borders and roads leading into and out of the state shall remain closed with immediate effect. Exemptions are made for food supplies, recognized security personnel, medical and health workers and others on essential duties.
According to the law, enforcement shall be strictly carried out by the special enforcement team headed by the state commissioner of police comprising all service commanders and relevant government officials.
The public are enjoined to note and comply accordingly. Anybody who contravenes the provisions of the regulation shall be prosecuted in accordance with the relevant laws.
In addition to the penalty provided under the relevant laws, vehicle owner who contravenes the laws, shall have his vehicle impounded immediately and his licence suspended or cancelled for a stipulated period of time. 



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