Home Business & Economy Covid-19: Prices Of Foodstuff Skyrocket In Kano Rural Markets -Investigation

Covid-19: Prices Of Foodstuff Skyrocket In Kano Rural Markets -Investigation



Prices of foodstuff in some Kano rural markets have risen due to the outbreak of CoronaVirus as monitored by our correspondent, where  items like vegetables, livestock, poultry and other important ingredients were being sold at  unexpected  prices.

It would be recalled that since the issue of COVID-19 became a great threat across the world, governments from different continents have been battling to find a lasting solution to the killer virus which enabled  the  authorities to restrict  many activities that resulted in the price hike of many important items.

Our correspondent who visited Badume Local Market in Bichi Local Government Area last Wednesday, had a chat with traders in accordance with what they were selling, where the following findings were made concerning food and other relates items respectively.

A mudu or measurement of maizw was sold between 260 to 270 while the bag costs 10,500, Beans sold between 330 to 340 per mudu, while sack costs 13,200, millet was sold for 290 per mudu, while the bag costs 11,600, well processed local rice costs between 800, 850 to 900 per mudu, while the bag waa sold between 32,000 to 32,500.

Similarly a basket of quality tomato costs 900 per bag, onions cost 4,500 per sack, pepper costs 260 per mudu, while small animals like goat, sheep and rams were sold at 10,000, 18,000 and between 25,000 to 30,000 respectively.

Local chicken was sold between 800, 1,200 to 1,800 which shows that price of several items rose beyond expectation.

In addition, the price of other food items may change despite the fact that the issue of COVID-19 is also changing though the government is taking good measures to ensure that all is well in the country  as expected by the entire world.

Other places visited by New Nigerian which includes the market motor park, the slaughter house and meat section, traders were seen busy going about their normal businesses although the popular events center of the market remained closed due to the order given by the Kano government to stop all gathering.



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