COVID-19: Let’s Look Inward, Cure to CoronaVirus Lies In Alternative /Natural Medicine – Ooni

The Ooni of Ife and Co-Chairman of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria(NCTRN), Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi addressing the press in his Ile Oodua palacr on Monday

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Ooni of Ife and Co-Chairman of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria(NCTRN), Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi on Monday said Nigeria as a country and the world at large must look inward  for alternative solution to the deadly CoronaVirus disease.
Ooni Ogunwusi who stated this in his Ile Oodua  palace in Ile-Ife while addressing journalists on the deadly pandemic declared that cure to the pandemic Coronavirus lies in the ability to explore the potentials of the alternative/natural medicine. The royal father maintained that it is now time for Nigeria as a country and the world at large must look inward for alternative solution, saying, “a divine  
proclamation came out to the world last year June 6th 2019, during the World Ifa Festival – OTURA MEJI which foretold about the impending rage of this invisible pandemic war, but few heard us.”

“This is the first time in Nigeria that we will have so much money and other resources being expended on our health sector either as donations or budgetary. This in itself is a devine lesson that we must revive our health sector to satisfy everyone especially the poor and other vulnerable members of our society. Look at us now, nobody can leave his or her country across the world which implies that all parts of the world must be made habitable. We must all come together to make this country work, there is no perfect system anywhere in the world”, he said. 
Ooni Ogunwusi added, “”imagine how the world giant economies like that of the US and UK bowed and still bowing to coronavirus. The disease is not a respecter of anybody or any nation, it is a common enemy of the world that we must collectively combat and defeat.”
“Look at Cuba, a country that has strong traditional ties with Nigeria, the kingdom of Ife in particular, they have not only defeated the Covid-19, but now rendering huge medical assistance to several countries across the world because they value their traditional heritage inherited from us here. As the spiritual head of Youruba race, I have a lot gathered for the use of mankind. I am also currently working with Yem Kem International (Alternative Medicine Expert) pharmaceutical company for the packaging and distribution of these alternative medications globally”.
The royal father stressed, ” I also challenge researchers both in Nigeria and abroad to make these natural herbs into clinical medicine and extract the vaccines from it.Necessity is the mother of innovation, we must create results from our current ways of life which is strange to us as people. For example, the stay at home policy of the government should be improved upon to enable people work from home irrespective of their geographical locations.” 
Stressing that there are several positive sides to the pandemic, Ooni  Ogunwusi charged that leaders especially those in the political class must rework the country’s system with a view to enable Nigerians especially the youths to maximize their potentials. 
Ooni Ogunwusi while thanking stakeholders across the country’s private sector for their kind donations, charged them to do more as it will remain an undisputed legacy that they stood for the country and her people in this moment of global health and economic challenges. 
He also tadked  Nigerians to adhere to the strict precautionary measures laid down by the state and Federal governments as well as the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control as the country struggles to end the pandemic.


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