Jigawa Residents Lament Lack Of Water Despite Huge Govt Investment On Sector

The UNICEF water tanks


Despite huge investment of over N1.7b in the last four years by Jigawa State Government towards the provision of water supply to both Dutse vicinity and beyond, tthe metropolitan capital city is faced with acute shortage of water supply for years.

“We wonder upon the proclaimed N250m water reticulation,  upgrading, and improvement of water supply to over 25 water points within the state capital, we are yet to boast of getting steady water supply to our domestic pipes,” said Comrade Bosuwa one of the residents in one of the affected worst hit areas.

Bosuwa who spoke on behalf of other residents of Gida Dubu Housing Quarters in Dutse in his chat with our correspondent, decried how Jigawa State Government failed to supply its citizens with clean and hygienic water supply only leaving them to depend on open wells water supply through the support of commercial water vendors, a situation which poses risk to their health as such supply was unhygienic.

According  to Bosuwa, it is quite unfortunate that strategic locations within Dutse vicinity, the government is unable to supply the resident’s of Zai, Gida Dubu, Sabuwar Maranjuwa, Yadi, among other strategic location’s within metropolitan Dutse with steady water supply.

According to Comrade Bosuwa, provision of water by governments at all levels to its citizen is a must and compulsory based on UN Charter which stipulates that goveenments of any given nation or states must provide its citizens hygienic drinking water supply.

He argued that such a trust is a must, wondering why the Jigawa State Government failed to comply by such UN Charter.

He lamented that before the deteriorating state, the goveenment through its water resources ministry was supplying them water twice in a week on Mondays and Thursdays, but all of a sudden, the taps dried up and the supply seized for unknown reasons, leaving them to depend largely on commercial water supply in the hands of water vendors.

But to Honourable Garba Hannun Giwa, Jigawa State Commissioner of Water Resources,  they view with concerns the plight of some quarters within metropolitan Dutse as far as issues of water projects are concerned.

“I will like to sieze the opportunity to inform our teeming populace that we are on course in our ongoing major water works within metropolitan Dutse,” he said, assuring that water will be back in full force within weeks.

He stated that over N200m was approved by Jigawa State Government to amend all water reticulation, upgrade and improvement of water supply, as well as replacement of all broken down old pipes, among other water works as it affects almost all the over 25 water points within Metropolitan Dutse.

He stressed that efforts are in too gear towards completing the major water repairs on schedule, and expressed hope that they will be completed within shortest possible time.


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